Most embarrassing truth or dare game ever!

by Devin

Could it get more embarrasing?

Could it get more embarrasing?

This is a funny story that happend to me with that dreaded game most of us have played, Truth or Dare. Everyone know how it works: When it’s your turn, you choose truth or dare. In truth, you tell a truth you never thought you will ever reveal in your life. Under dare, the group makes you do something you wouldn’t ever do in the right state of mind.

This is my story on that game, and how it has managed to ruin my entire being. No seriously. I am no longer a person. I have no name. It has been replaced by a funny personality that is associated by random giggles and weird stares. Here’s how it went.

I was with my friends at a party. Everyone was having fun, just drinking, eating, chatting and basically just catching up with one another. Nothing too serious. I mean personally, I don’t like to be too open with people. It’s my life and secrets right?

And then it happened. My good buddy, the “life of the party” guy suggested, or rather, SHOUTED that we all played truth or dare. Since everybody was more or less intoxicated to a level of being open and happy, everybody went with it. I was all like, “Sigh... Okay fine whatever”.

So we all sat in a circle and the rules were announced:

Truths were to be extreme. Nothing boring. Got to be juicy!

Dares were crazy and hard. Something that definitely breaks you out of your comfort zone.

Everybody put a token sum in the hat at the start. The most sporting person gets to bring it home.

And so the game began. I was just laying low the whole time listening to a bunch of truths and watching a series of dares. It was all so typical. Truths consisted mostly of people confessing they watch porn... really weird porn. We also got to know how who had a crush on who and incidentally, a dude liked me before. Yeah I am so not going near him anymore. Dares were also mostly the same. Several were dared to kiss another person on the lips.

Strangely enough, as I watched on and got more bored, I actually felt this urge to get it over with and all win all that money.

And so I did. I volunteered myself.

The crowd wanted a dare.

I said okay.

They said, strip off your clothes and streak around the neighbourhood.

Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was the money. Maybe it was that cute little chick there I wanted to show how much of a man I was. I didn’t think I would literally showing her my manhood, but I agreed, immediately.

Everybody ran outside to watch. I took off my clothes immediately cause I wanted to get it done and over with as quick as possible. It must have been like only 500 metres for that particular street.

And I ran.

For some reason it actually felt kind of liberating. People cheered. The adrenaline was crazy. The wind was against my... manhood. It felt great! And I was gonna win money!

Just as I hopped over a fence into a neighbour’s yard, the alarm went off. The feeling of liberation dissipated in an instant. The security spotlights was switched on. The alarm was shrill like an old lady’s nagging voice. I froze.

I don’t know WHY I froze. Seriously. If you saw me then, you would be thinking, “Dude, even though you are standing still, you aren’t invisible”.

Anyway practically everyone showed up to view my manhood. The rest of the party were there. Most were laughing. That girl I liked... well let’s put it this way: She got to see my manhood, along with my other hoods, which were mainly my white, chicken-like legs. The police later came. I got arrested and taken in for the night for public indecency.

This is by far the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me! And no, I did not win the money. They argued that technically I didn’t complete the dare because I stopped halfway.

I really should have chosen truth and admitted I had Bieber Fever.

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Feb 23, 2013
wrong turn
by: Anonymous

Seriously man you shouldn't have went over the fence!!!

Jun 03, 2011
Most embarrassing truth or dare game ever!
by: DareDevil

Lil embarrassing but more funny

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