Me running around the neighbourhood naked

by Oswin smith
(London )

Today me, Karen and Clair decided to play what Karen called the Dare Game. The aim of the game was to see who would complete the most dares no matter how embarrassing they might be. The winner got to decide a forfeit for the losers. We played "Rock Paper Scissors" to find out who would be dared first. Clair lost so she went first so I dared her to answer the door to the pizza guy totally naked.

Clair accepted her dare, she then removed all her clothes and stood there totally naked waiting for the pizza guy to come. After a few minutes the doorbell rang so Clair went to answer the door and she defiantly gave the delivery guy a lovely surprise. The delivery guy couldn’t take his eyes of her nude body, Clair paid for the pizza and then I took a photo of her and the delivery guy.

The delivery guy then left thanking Clair for her nudity. It was so hilarious! We couldn’t stop laughing! The pizza guy totally fancied Clair and couldn’t stop looking at her boobs. After a few minutes of constant laughter we continued the game.

Karen was the next one to get a dare. Clair got dressed then dared Karen to kiss her (Clair fancies Karen it's so obvious to everyone but Karen) so Karen snogged Clair.

At last it was my turn, both Karen and Clair thought long and hard about my dare but after 5 minutes they dared me to run around the neighbourhood naked. I was extremely reluctant to do my dare but after a lot of persuasion I eventually agreed to do it. So since I was still a bit reluctant I took all my clothes off then wrapped a towel around myself. We then went outside and I readied myself for what I was about to do.

Karen then got her camcorder out from her bag and I asked her why she needed it she then replied "I'm gonna film you running round the neighbourhood naked ". I then became even more reluctant and exclaimed „I can't do this! I can't run around naked! People will see me I don't want them seeing me naked! “Clair then said to me “come on Oswin you can do this now give me the towel! “

After a lot more persuasion from Karen I eventually let go of my towel and readied myself while Clair and Karen did a countdown " 3, 2 , 1 GOOO!! ".

I then started to run while Karen followed filming me on her camcorder, Clair then shouted "attention everyone Oswin is naked come and see her fantastic breasts and brilliant bum! For one time only see Oswin naked come on everybody come and see! “I then yelled „shut up Clair!!". She ignored me and carried on shouting as loud as she could so more people would see me naked I was so embarrassed!

I couldn’t believe it! For the 1st time ever I was streaking it felt so humiliating yet exhilarating at the same time. As I was running around my neighbourhood naked I was fortunate in the fact only a small amount of people had seen me but it was about to get worse.

As I was streaking a car came up the road and in it was the boy I have a massive crush on: David. And what made it worse was he drove his car alongside me and saw me completely naked. I felt so humiliated!!

David then shouted "hey Oswin loving your birthday suit! Nice tits!“ It was so embarrassing! David has just seen me naked! Oh I felt so mortified!!! After that embarrassing encounter I ran home and oh did I get an unexpected surprise when I got there.

When I got home I realised that Clair had invited all my friends from school to my house to come and see me naked, it was so embarrassing! They all laughed at my nudity and took photos of me. I then ran into my house and got dressed while Karen showed everyone the video she'd made of me streaking. Today was so humiliating!!!

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Feb 20, 2015
Great story!
by: Francis

Oswin (is that a girl's name?), thanks for sharing your great (and embarrassing) story with us!

I hope you got the other girls back good with some good revenge dares. The dare to run around the block naked is really popular, you might have seen that one coming. ;)

How close are your friends from class, so that they could pop up so fast at your house? Did you play in London, or somewhere outside from there where everyone lives within walking distance from each other?

Thanks for submitting this hot picture, by the way. I trust that it is original and not taken somewhere from the internet, though :)

Be sure to let your friends know that you published this story, and have them have their say about this fateful Truth or Dare game.

If you want, I can give you some good dares to take revenge on your girls for next time *evil grin*

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