Truth or Dare: Matchmaking for Dummies

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I attended a party when I attended college at SRJC in Santa Rosa, Ca. a couple of years ago. While at the party we began playing Truth or Dare with a number of other people our age. Most of the people who were participating chose dare and had both mild and funny dares to do.

One in particular involved my best friend who attended the party with me. When Jenny's turn came along she was asked either Truth or Dare and she picked Dare. Now, it was a pretty common secret among our friends that Jenny had a massive crush on James, the Resident Adviser.

Most people couldn't exactly get why Jenny liked James? He was a scrawny nerdy sort of fellow, prone to long droning lectures about safety, etc. So John dared Jenny to strip naked, go up to James and fling herself onto his lap and demand to be ravished.

Jenny, not exactly shy, grinned and took up the challenge with pleasure. She stripped down to her birthday suit, rolling her eyes at the catcalls and laughing, and walked down the hall to James' room with most of the crowd a few steps behind her.

Knocking on the door and receiving the OK to enter, she sauntered in like she owned the place pushed back his chair from the desk he sat at and flung herself across his lap. Laying a hand over her forehead in a bout of overacting, she moaned "James, I can't take it anymore! Take me, ravish me, and anything, just take me already!"

James’ eyes bulged wide in shock as his eyes locked onto Jenny’s naked body across his lap and then he swallowed, the big gulp obvious to all of us peeking through the door, and shyly with a grin said “Well, all you had to do was ask, Jenny.”

Turns out James had a pretty big crush on her too and was too shy to do anything about it. A second later Jenny jumped up off of James lap and slammed the dorm room door in our faces with a laugh.

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Things That Go Hump in the Night

by Jose Rodriguez
(San Diego, California)

Kissing His Best Friend

Kissing His Best Friend

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I was full of hormonal activity and youthful lust the day I had my first experience with the game of "seven minutes in heaven." My best friend had invited some of her girlfriends to her house to hang out, and asked me to come over and bring some of my friends.

I knew none of the other girls besides my best friend. As teenagers do, we got bored. So there we were seven teenagers sitting in somebody's bedroom, with nothing to do. That's when one of my male friends suggested we play "seven minutes in heaven". No one seemed to object. So how would we choose who went with whom?

We got a bottle and spun it, of course! Everybody went into the closet closed the door and had their moment. I was third to spin the bottle, little did my best friend know that I had a thing for her. Fate just so happen to shine upon me that day, and the bottle ended up pointing towards her.

This wasn't my first time in the dark with another girl, but it was the first time with my best friend. I didn't dare kiss her while I was in the closet, but the feeling wasn't mutual. I still remember that kiss. It was passionate full of lust, of want, anything, but innocent.

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Nov 19, 2011
by: Anonymous


Dec 31, 2011
by: Emily

I wish that you can continue the story. Did you guys go out together? I wish the best for both of you.

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Truth or dare match makeing service

This happened when I was about 14. Me and a few of my friends where playing truth or dare at a party one time.

I'm sort of shy and my crush was there and she's pretty shy too. So my friends and her friends tried to hook us up so what happened was it was spin the bottle truth or dare. So any time my friends spun the bottle on one of us it would always envolve the other.

First her friends asked me to give her a whip cream body shot and the list goes on

Then the worst dare of all happens: her friend makes me and my crush switch clothes in a twisted seven minutes in heaven. So first we go in to this midget closet with a light that never turns of and we start to make out. Then, half way through, we swiched clothes underwear and all she had to put on were dark jeans, a black t-shirt and light blue and navy hanes plain boxers.

I had to put on blue tight jeans a blue blouse with a hot pink push up bra and a light pink lace thong...

So then we get out to show our friends. While we do that someone locks the doors and so we had to change back in front of everyone!

Then when I think it's over it's not... Because she got naked faster than me and I get excited and my package gets caught in her underwear!

We had to cut it off - stupid lace thong - but at least I got the girl! That will be a night I won't forget

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Truth or Dare Changed My Life

Got married just because of Truth or Dare

Got married just because of Truth or Dare

When I was in college, my friends and I used to sit around in the student's center and kill time between classes. Sometimes we would hang out until they kicked us out of our little side room to close for the night.

It was a cheap place for us all to hang out in Gainesville, Georgia. After class one day, we had exhausted all ideas of things to do. No one had brought a PlayStation or card games or anything and we were bored.

We decided to play a game of Truth or Dare. At first, no one really knew what to say or do because we all knew each other too well for truth and no one was embarrassed to do dares.

It felt like Elementary school again with simple questions like, "Would you kiss Jaime?" "Do you like Evelyn as more than a friend?" At one point, one of my best friends, Chad, said: "Emily - I dare you to kiss Justin."

Justin had always been a good friend of mine, but I had never seen him in any light other than just a friend. Justin felt the same way about me. We weren't shy or afraid so we kissed without thought.

There were fireworks.

There was chemistry we didn't know existed. Because of that game of Truth or Dare, we started dating. It was the best relationship anyone could have ever asked for. About a year after we started dating, we got married.

If it weren't for that game of Truth or Dare, we wouldn't have found each other. I guess you could say I owe my future and happiness to a simple childhood game of Truth or Dare.

I look forward to the day our kids ask us how we got together, so that I can tell them how something so small can make such a big difference in someone's life.

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