Locked out naked and humiliated

by Ashley Capaldi

Today I was at my friend Sophie’s house and we decided to play Strip Rock Paper Scissors. After a few rounds, I was feeling pretty confident as I was still fully clothed while Sophie was only wearing her bra. So I decided to raise the stakes.

I suggested if you lose, instead of losing one item of clothing you lose two and the winner picks the loser’s forfeit. Sophie reluctantly agreed with me and we carried on with the game.

Unfortunately for me, in the next round I lost my dress and my bra. I now only had my socks and panties left. I felt really nervous and I wished I hadn't been so cocky.

I lost the next round. So very reluctantly I took off my panties and socks and stood there in front of Sophie completely naked. I felt so embarrassed!

I then asked what my forfeit was. Sophie replied, “first you'll be handcuffed”. She left the room, after a few minutes she came back and handcuffed me so I couldn't cover up. Suddenly before I even had time to react she grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the front door. Sophie then opened it and pushed me outside.

I tried opening the door but it was locked. I then desperately begged “let me in ! Let me back in! It's freezing out here! Please let me in please!”.

Sophie then opened the door slightly and told me “ the quicker you go the more likely fewer people will see you”.

I then pleaded “please someone will see me ! Let me in!”.

She then replied “you only live round the corner now go on ! Go!”.

She then closed the door. I begged and begged to be let in but she ignored me. So I had to face the inevitable fact I'd be walking home naked.

So I started to walk home, crying all the way as I felt so humiliated. As I was walking home my day got even worse. My arch enemy Matthew saw me. Soon as he saw me, he laughed. He had a clear view of all my assets and I couldn’t do anything to stop him.

Matthew then said in a patronizing tone “well I knew you wanted a boyfriend but I didn't know you were this desperate”.

I was so upset I could only manage to reply with “shut up and leave me alone!”.

Matthew laughed and then replied, “fine then but I'll tell you one thing, you’re the ugliest girl I know, your b**bs are too small, your hair is disgusting and your ***** is like a fu**ing forest it's horrible”.

He then spun me around so he could see my butt “your butt is beautiful though the only good thing about you, it's perfect for spanking” he said evilly.

I tried to escape but he wouldn't let me. He told me it was naughty to run around naked and I needed to be punished.

“Please, no don't! I'll do anything ! Just please let me go!” I said desperately .

Matthew ignored me , he forced me to bend over so my butt was facing him and he spanked me really hard on both of my bum cheeks 10 times.

I constantly begged him to stop but he wouldn't .

After my horrendous ordeal was over I stood up and he took a few photos of me, I felt powerless and so very vulnerable, Matthew had complete control over me. Once he finished he slapped my bum and let me go .

I was sobbing and I felt so utterly humiliated. I then ran home.

Today was so awful!

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Nov 17, 2016
Report it!!!!
by: TalkToPoliceNow

I'd find a way to press charges against him. It's one thing for him to humiliate you, but he should not touch you either. That's abuse. It's a violation.

Jul 21, 2018
Horrible but funny
by: Anonymous

That is really bad but is so funny.

Jul 10, 2019
truth or dare story NEW
by: Anonymous

The story sounds made up.

Jul 07, 2020
I wish this happened to me NEW
by: Anonymous

Soooo sorry. Honestly I wish this happened to me. It’s kind of an experience I want to have. If anyone posts after me and says "go" then I’ll streak around the block and send a vid to my bffs.

Jun 25, 2021
by: Anonymous


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