Triple Threat!! So Embarrassing Nude Dare!

by Jill DeLumbo

I'm 18 and a girl.

The other day, my boyfriend, my BFF and a few of our other friends came to my house for a mini- party. We got bored so we all agreed to play truth or dare.

At first it was go kiss a pillow or would you rather kiss the person to your left or right?

When it was my turn, I was crazy, knowing my friends, to choose dare. I thought it would be a easy dare but boy, was I wrong.

My dare was to get nude and put whipped cream all over me in front of everyone. When I was done, I had to randomly choose someone (male or female) to lick it off of me. I chose my boyfriend..

Now it was time for the licking. He started at my face, went to my neck, teasingly down to my stomach and to my feet, up my legs and then to my privates.

My mouth was full so we had to start making out and exchange it and then I had to take it out of his. While I was just about to get my tounge in to take it back, MY BROTHER WALKED IN!

We didn't know just yet, so he went out the back door, rang the doorbell, and wouldn't let us close the door!

I was standing there NAKED! Then, my ex drove by, with bunch of college boys with him!!!

Talk about triple embarrassment!

Comments from the Webmaster:

First, thanks for the great story, Jill! It's embarrassing like hell!!!

I'm glad to publish it here on

However, I needed to rework the language in a little part of the story (where you described the licking off of the whipped cream) to make the story more family safe.

I hope you don't mind that. Now you have built your own page on this blog as a guest writer! Make sure to share this story with the friends you played this with!

See you in the comments! :)

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Jan 26, 2015
The Tripple
by: Autumn

My friend wanted a really embarrassing dare so I told her to lick kiss and suck on some ones car while they were getting out.

May 21, 2013
Fun and Exciting
by: Anonymous

Have the nearest person of the opposite sex lick your chest/neck for 1 minute.

May 07, 2012
Nice story.
by: Sprinterboi

Jill, thanks for posting your story. It was excellent in many ways and brought back some memories of T-or-D games from when I was about your age. I admire you for going through with it. I only have one question (and I hope it's not out of line): Were you shaved, "Down there," at the time?

Mar 12, 2012
lucky it was your boyfriend
by: Francis

Girl you were out of luck this evening! But you can be happy that you got to pick your BF to lick up the whipped cream.

Any other guy and it could have ended in some serious jealousy scenes...

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Peanut Butter Sex Dare

by Taylor

I went to my boyfriend's party, I am 15 and we started playing truth or dare.

I was dared to get a soup spoon and put a scoop of smooth peanut butter in my mouth. Then I had to snog my boyfriend, he had to keep taking my clothes off until all the peanut butter was in his mouth!

Result : me standing naked in the middle of the room with peanut butter all over my body...

It turned out well though as the next dare was for my boyfriend to lick it All off Of me.


Us having very buttery sex that night!


That sounds really really hot! Thanks for sharing this story, Taylor!

Like I wrote in my post here, peanut butter is next to whipped cream THE ingredient for the nastiest and hottest dares!

Didn't you get into any trouble for probably getting a lot of peanut butter on your sheets? :)

Did you dare each other, meaning you played Truth or Dare with your boyfriend or where there other guests, too...?

Comments for Peanut Butter Sex Dare

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Mar 14, 2012
Turn off?
by: dontlikepeanuts

Tons of peanut butter will get me throwing up, not putting out. If you know what I mean.

Don't overdo it, or it's a total turn-off.

Feb 13, 2012
Awesome Idea >:)
by: Mischievous P.

I might steal this dare idea and do it with my girlfriend, too (pun totally intended!)

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