Let’s Create the Ultimate Sexy Embarrassing Dare Ever!

by Ben the Dare-Master and Francis

My friend Ben wrote me with this great Idea:

Let us try to think up the ultimate sexy embarrassing dare!

This is the ULTIMATE dare, so it has to be

  • fun
  • dirty
  • embarrassing

for the daree and hilarious for the darer.

You have to be able to do it
  • alone or with a friend
  • young or old
  • boy or girl
  • superwimp or daredevil.

It has to be able to be done inside or out (or maybe a little of both) and in a place where you can get caught or get lucky.

It’ll take the participation of everyone reading this to live up to the name of "the ULTIMATE dare". Let us know your ideas in the comments!

The requirements for this dare are many, so I don't know if we won't end up with mutliple ultimate dares. ;)

At the end of our dare, the daree has to be naked at least. That's a classic, it has to be part of the dare.

I would try to think of the dare as a modular "brick by brick" package, that you can upgrade if needed.


Put a big cucumber in your mouth and hold it and...
  1. run down the street
  2. while wearing only underwear
  3. or even naked
  4. making loud noises with an air horn you're holding in your hand
  5. While your friends follow you and record you on video camera
  6. And they put it up on Facebook afterwards
  7. And send the link to your crush via email
  8. Under your name, with profanities in this email...

See? It gets worse and worse

I'd like our ultimate dare to sort of look like this.

Well it was only an example, but how do you like it?

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