Kids and Parents both playing Truth or Dare – Like Father, like Son

by Michelle

(Photo from Nirazilla)

If you’re a parent you’ve probably been on a sports trip with your kids. You travel to a different city, and stay in a hotel with the team and the other parents. I just got back from one of those trips.

Thankfully, we have a good parents group and we all get along and are friends outside of soccer. While our kids played games in one of the rooms, us parents heading down to the bar for a parents only meeting. After a few rounds we were all dancing to the live band and feeling pretty friendly.

The band quit playing at 1, so we were left talking amongst ourselves for an hour until the bar closed. We decided to play truth or dare. We ordered a round of whiskey and then started the game. There were a few rounds of truth, one of the dads danced on the table and one of the soccer moms asked some guys for their phone numbers.

Pretty basic truth or dare fodder. After two more shots of whiskey, things took a turn. One of the dads, Eric, was dared to climb the fence to the pool and skinny dip. We all laughed and egged him on, taunting that there was no way he would do it.

Fuelled by bravado and whiskey, he stood up and started to run out of the bar. Laughing, we all followed him, watching as he stripped off clothes on the way to the pool. Over the fence and into the pool he went! His head surfaced, and we hear raucous laughter from the other side of the pool.

There are our kids (15-16), and Eric’s son is in the pool naked. Apparently Monopoly had gotten boring and the kids had decided to play their own game of truth or dare. Like father, like son eh?

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