Stripping dare in front of the hot guy next door

down to my bra and thong...!

down to my bra and thong...!

The most embarrassing story ever happened to me as we (all girls) were hanging out. We were between 16 and 17 years old.

I was dared to go to this hot guy next door and ring the doorbell. So far, so good (?)

But then I had to flirt with whoever answered the door. Of course the hot guy was at the door, so no running away anymore.

Here goes...

I was also dared to start stripping as long as he did not close the door! For your information, I knew the guy, but not that good!

He was just watching and laughing as I was dying from embarrassment. I stripped down to my underwear and only because I explained the situation I was in, did he (shortly) close the door so that I could stop stripping.

Normally, I would have needed to walk back to my friends without the clothes in a sexy way, but I couldn't take it anymore and quickly got dressed again.

I dare you to surpass that!! I bet you can't.

Photos are from ontwerpplus and Exey Panteleev via flickr

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Pardon Me – Asking the Neighbor’s Dare

(Photo from dollen)

I was in junior high school, probably in the 8th grade and my girlfriends and I were all spending the night at one girl's house because her parents were out of town.

It was a nice summer night and we were all sitting outside, smoking the cigarettes we had stolen from our parents earlier in the day. We were talking and laughing and being generally silly when we decided it would be fun to play a little truth-or-dare!

So as we were playing, it came to be my turn. Amy asked me what I chose, truth or dare. Me, being rebellious, chose dare as my answer. We had a habit of making the dares really humiliating, so I wasn't really surprised to hear what she wanted me to do.

Remember, it was kind of late at night, around 11:30 pm or so. Then whole neighborhood was quiet, except us teenagers messing around.

She Dared me to...

"Walk up to the door of an elderly neighbors house, knock on it, and ask if they had any "Grey Poupon" mustard!"

So of course I followed through with it. The other girls hid in the bushes outside this man's house, and as he began to yell at me for waking him up for my own entertainment, me and the other girls ran down the street into the darkness laughing harder than we had all night!

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