Incredible Belly Button Fire Dare

Would you put that anywhere near your belly button?

Would you put that anywhere near your belly button?

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I have never turned down a dare. So one day, I was at a small party consisting of close friends.

The drinks are being downed, and the party gets a little more active and lively as people start to loosen up.

A little later in the night someone suggests we play a game of truth or dare, and in our current state we have all decided that this was obviously the best thing we could do.

Scared to do a dare, the first half hour consisted of people asking boring truths. I chose to do a dare, and my friends dared me to finish my (rather large) drink.

So I did.

My girlfriend at the time also chooses dare, now that at least one dare has already been done. She chickens out and has to finish her drink.

Once the game comes back around to me, I got dared to strip naked. And I did it.

I didn't care, I was drunk beyond belief. The rest of the game gets a little hazy at this point. (We've all had plenty to drink) And once I got dared again, I was dared to set my belly button on fire.

For some reason, this sounded like an incredible idea, and I went through with it. I emptied the gas from a lighter onto what I thought was only my belly button, and struck the flint.

Now, one thing to note about butane is that it acts like a fluid since it is in fact heavier than air. So when an entire lighter is emptied, you can imagine that I was pouring a cup of water onto my belly button.

That's how the gas acted. So my abdomen is covered in gas, and I struck the lighter. It was an incredible fireball that I will never forget.

Even my chest hair got singed, and it's not like the fire went out immediately. It smoldered inside my belly button.

But it was entirely worth it.

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Jun 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

No Seriously. This must have hurt!

This story made me hurt all over when I read it.

If you really did that, you not only have incredible courage, but you must also are pretty crazy to go through with this dare.

In other words, welcome to my website – you’re in good company :)

I hope you didn't get any permanent burns and that your belly hair grew back after some time.

Don't try to do too extreme dares. You might end up in a hospital on one day or another.

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