I Had To Strip And Poledance As A Dare

This happened the other night at about 10:30. I was with my friends playing dares and it came too my turn.

They dared me to go outside, find a street lamp, use it as a pole and strip to my panties like a stripper. I had to keep in contact with the pole at all times.

I went and found a street lamp, checked nobody was around and started.

First I wrapped my legs around the pole and stripped off my shiry.

Then I put one arm around the pole and stripped off my skirt, this was the point when I remembered I was wearing a thong!


But I carried on, now it was time for the bra, I wrapped my legs around the bar and unstrapped my bra, and let it fall to the floor!

This was so exciting!

I then done a few sexy strippers moves around the pole, grabbed my clothes and ran home.

The next day someone posted pictures through my door off me doing this. I don't know who it was but they have pictures of me in only panties showing my boobs and everything!

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Apr 09, 2012
sounds hot
by: Anonymous

but if your taking off your top you don't really have to worry about wearing a thong any more.

Sep 15, 2012
by: Little miss freak

I would of been really embarrassed were u???
Can't believe it

Jun 22, 2013
Do you want to send me a pic?
by: Anonymous

I would love a pic XD

Jan 31, 2015
your hot
by: Anonymous

come over to my house and will do it!

Jul 20, 2015
Tied down naked
by: Anonymous

I also have a such embarrassing truth or dare nude story.
We (Me and my two friends & 2 guy friends) started playing truther or dare and then it got kinda boring so we decided to change the game a bit. We changed it like this: someone spins a bottle and the person who the bottle lands on has to take off a thing. Since I was like the only one wearing just 3 things (panties shirt and pants) i was the first one to strip naked and that was enough embarrassing. But then the people who already were naked(just me while the other ones were in their underwear or even clothes) had to do what ever the one who spun the bottle wanted.
And then later on the bottle landed on me. My Friend dared me to sit on a chair spread my legs and everyone would blow me in my vagina. I took the dare and made it. I could help myself but moan. While my friend was blowing the other ones decided to tie me on the chair. They even tied my legs how they were spread. Free access for everyone. There I was tied on a chair with soread legs and i couldnt move. They even put tape on my mouth. They took pictures of me and started touching me. They grabbed my boobs and fingered me. They literally played with me. Later they also took of the tape and made out with me while toughing me and stuff. I couldnt help but moan i wasnt even able to scream or something. I even kinda liked it. Later on they untied me and let me put on my clothes. It was soooooo embarrassing.

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