How we got boyfriends by playing Truth or Dare

It all started from a game of Truth or Dare

It all started from a game of Truth or Dare

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While working on lovely Mackinac Island this summer, one night I wound up in an alcohol-fuelled game of truth or dare. Interestingly enough, I was the only participant whose first language was English so I was already at a disadvantage as the others could conspire amongst themselves in Serbian.

Now, a bit of back-story, I was playing with my roommate, Aleksandra, and two of our new found Serbian friends... Aleks and I had just returned from a party where we ingested far too many Mike's Hard Lemonades and were, let's say, more than a little bit drunk and more than a little bit attracted to our new friends.

While we had discussed our attraction to them, we hadn't planned on how we were going to take it any further than the occasional flirting. Thank God for truth or dare, right? We didn't even have to initiate it, Serb #1 (who I was interested in) suggested we play and thus began the most interesting game of truth or dare I've ever participated in.

There was the usual annoying time where everyone was asking for truths until I decided, in a drunken stupor of course, to take a dare. Luckily, it was to kiss Serb #1, which I happily agreed to. Unfortunately, he was an AWFUL kisser, I'm talking all tongue and too much spit, it was horrible.

A few more rounds of truths passed by until Aleks finally took a dare, I obviously wanting at least one of our crushes to work out, dared her to kiss Serb #2. She hated it, immediately giving me the "why was that so bad?" look.

So now we were sitting there disappointed, drunk, and annoyed when Aleks decided it would be a good idea for me to kiss Serb #2 as well. Now, I'm no angel, but I've never kissed two boys in one night, especially not in front of each other so naturally, I was nervous/ resistant to the idea, plus, he was not even the one I was attracted to.

Nonetheless, bound to the unspoken promise of Truth or Dare, I kissed Serb #2... and fireworks. I then dared Serb #1 to kiss Aleks and they ended up hitting it off, thus began our summer romances that outlasted the summer and our now our real boyfriends. All from a game of truth or dare gone wrong.

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Jan 03, 2012
I had never have luck with boys
by: Maria

You are pretty lucky it worked out so well.

I never have any luck getting guys playing truth or dare.

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