How a Nerdy Guy Captured My Heart with a Dare

by Mari
(United States of America/Ohio/Akron )

I can remember being at a party as a young adult and a friend of mine was dared to stand on a table naked and do the Thundercats call to fight from the 80’s cartoon The Thundercats.

This is one of the funniest moments in time that I had ever seen, plus most interesting. Michael and the rest of us had been drink all day and the more we drank the more daring the dares got.

Mind you we are in a public park in late evening during the summer. There were adults around but, don’t remember there being any children to see this incident.

Michael was a kind of nerdy young man with pasty white skin, long black hair and beautiful blue eyes. He never feared anything and was the life of the party.

So, it was no surprise to me when Michael took this dare without a second thought. He jumped on top of the table stripped his Pink Floyd shirt off swinging it around in the air like a want-a-be Chippendale dance.

Surprisingly, I found this kind of cute. The next thing I knew Michael had on belted his black, knee, length shorts and literally shimmied with a shake of hips out of the shorts.

To my surprise and everyone else in attendance Michael was commando, no underwear at all.

Without any shame Michael stood with his long, and surprisingly semi-erect p***s thrusting it up in the air, so that you could hear the smack of it against his stomach screaming,




Thundercats . . . .roar!!

Before this night I never thought of Michael in a sexual manor, but I found myself waking up in Michael’s bed for the next two and half years.

Who would believe that one act of shamelessness would lead to a wonderful relationship. If it was not for his shamelessness I would never had noticed him; I am ashamed to say.

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