Hot Tub Dare with Work Mates and I Run into my Boss!

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I just started working at my new job and was invited to go to a party with all the other cashiers. The day of the party, I called in sick because I really did not want to go work.

When I showed up at the party, people I did not even know yet were talking bad about the new cashier (me) because of not showing up work; so the party already started off on an awkward foot. A little bit into the party, I heard people were going to play truth or dare in a hot tub.

As I'm walking over to the hot tub, I spill about half of my beer on another cashier; still not off to a good start. At the beginning of the game, I kept on picking truth because I did not know the other people too well yet. After a while of seeing, everyone picked dare and not seeing them do anything horrible or embarrassing, I decided to take a risk and choose dare next time.

When it came to my turn, I chose dare. People started whispering back and forth to figure out whatever my fate was going to be. They decided I would have to do a lap around the house. This did not seem too bad at all.

That's when they all had a mischievous smile on and said: "naked". After some hesitation and chugging the rest of my beer, I stripped down and got ready to do my lap. I got a few whistles and shouts of encouragement so I was feeling pretty good about doing the lap.

I started doing the run and started getting a little cocky about it. As I'm running around blowing a kiss, I ran smack into someone. I look up and it was my head manager. We both looked at each other awkwardly and he apologized and I ran to get my clothes.

Most awkward way of meeting him.

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Jan 03, 2012
You are so Screwed
by: Anonymous

Man it's terrible, I hope you did not get fired.

I would not be able to work at that place anymore if I were you.

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