Having the balls to do a naked dare got me a hot girl

by Bill (21 years)
(Escambia County, Florida)

Dare: Run around the block naked

Dare: Run around the block naked

When my friend Jenna turned 21 we had a huge party at her house, which like most 21st birthdays degenerated into some serious drinking, which like most serious drinking, lead to a lapse in judgment, so of course we played truth or dare.

The game escalated from 'sing a children's song' to, 'give someone a lap dance' to make out with someone of your same sex much faster than we anticipated, people were running out of ideas, and the game was starting to slow down.

Well, there was this girl there that I had been flirting with, and when it got to be her turn and she picked me, and mentioned that I probably didn't have the balls to do what she had come up with, so I should just pick truth.

Rising to her challenge I told her to go for it, and she dared me to run around the block naked.

Now, there are some pretty rural parts out here, but we were in a nice neighborhood, one that was occasionally patrolled by police just to keep the area safe, so this was a pretty serious thing to do, and while it was late, it was only around midnight.

The room was quiet for a moment, and then I stood up, took off my shirt and said: "let's do this".

I ran the block, bare-ass naked, with the rest of the party goers staring from the front porch.

I made it back from my run with no incident, but the others decided that there was nothing I wouldn't do, and declared me the winner of the game, and stopped playing... and I got the girl!

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Oct 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

My favorite dare was in junior high. A bunch of us rented this building for a New Year's party & we stripped down to our underwear (or less). The girls serenaded the boys in our blankets. The guys had a blast too!

Oct 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

Some people shouldn't get nakey. Ew. Just saying.

Oct 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sometimes a daring move is just what a girl needs to see to win her over. I like a man who's confident to do anything... she must have seen just that. Kudos. Are you still with her?

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