Hand Stands Turn Into Revenge

by Caroline

It was my sleep over, I was 15 and we all wanted to play truth or dare (me and 4 friends), so we did.

It started out OK, the truths were simple like "who do you have a crush on" (only me and Sharline had boyfriends) and dares were something like "give someone a piggy back ride".

When it came to my turn, I chose dare and I was dared to take my bra and panties off. I said yes.

I managed to unclip and take my bra off without taking my shirt off. But I went to the bathroom to take my panties off. Some one didn't believe me so I had to show anyway but nobody cared - and I didn't because we are all OK with each other.

So the game went on and I must have forgotten about my bra and probably every body else but Haley. I don't know if what happened next was on purpose or an accident.

Dares got toned down a bit because there was someone sitting naked and another in a towel.

It was my turn again and I stupidly picked dare... Haley was the one choosing the dare and she said to do a hand stand.

So I went outside to the woods (because my house is tiny and so is my backyard is too).

I got into position and I did one and... my top fell down to my wrists because it was to big.

And when I came up my top came off my hands and every one there saw (to make matters worse I had the biggest boobs out of my friends.)

When I realised it, I picked up my top and went inside without caring and continued. So I dared Hayley as revenge... ( I changed the game to only dare)

When I changed the game I made prizes and the one for Haley was money.

If she could do the 4 dares each of us came up with (each of us because she dared us the naked and towel dares).

  1. First, she had to stay naked for the rest of the dares.
  2. Second, she had to go the woods area and pee like a dog on five trees
  3. Third, she had to do the splits in mid air on a trampoline
  4. and finally, we made her go to her crush's house and if he answered she had to kiss him.

...To believe she did it all for $50

*dare devil*

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