Half Naked Dare in the Snow


Four Friends enjoying Truth or Dare

Four Friends enjoying Truth or Dare

It was a Friday night in Cobourg, after school we were all in a party mood... ready to get the night started, so the four of us went to the party we knew a friend was having, about a 30 minute walk from Netasha's house.

There wasn't much entertainment going on, and after a while we all just wanted to leave... So we brought the party back to Netasha's house, Bailey, Netasha, Justin and I had started drinking around 8 PM.

We all ate some food and we were really bored, so we all retreated to Netasha's bedroom, where we sat on the bed waiting for some ideas of something to pop into our minds. Justin suggested video games, but nobody was really into that, but when Bailey said we should play Truth or Dare, everyone agreed.

So we all sat in a circle, and waited for someone to start, as there were a few interesting truth's told that night, and a few idiotic dares performed, there were two dares which were the more entertaining of all:

Bailey asked me, "Jenn, truth or dare?" I replied with "Hmm, I'll go with dare I guess."

After some thinking, he told me "I dare you to...kiss Netasha!" At this point in the night, I thought even if I really, really wanted to say: "No," I wouldn't be allowed, so I did it, and thought "half drunk kissing your best friend isn't as bad as it seems anyway."

Now it was my turn, I was a little stumped and didn't know exactly what to ask, so I decided to get some help from Netasha for a big of sweet revenge for the last dare, so I asked, "Justin, truth or dare?" he didn't know what he should say, but just because he didn't think it would be that bad, he said: "I choose dare."

I remember laughing a little, and saying "Well, I dare you to run down the road in your boxers, both of you."

They decided a few things that they only live once, and they were really drunk by this time that, remembering it in the morning might not even happen...

It was snowing when we got upstairs, freezing too! Both of them got undressed, left their socks, put on their shoes and ran out the door and down the street. I remember cars giving them funny looks, and not ever seeing them run faster in my life. They were frozen, I'd thought, I'm glad we left that party because making our own hilarious night was easy.

Photos from Cleavers and elisfanclub

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