Getting Kissed Down There...!

by Sprinterboi

This is my second story. All of my stories will start with the same introduction, so, starting with this post, I will put it in brackets so that readers who are already familiar with it may easily skip it.

For most of my time in college, I lived in a frat house. All the guys in my fraternity were friends with all the girls in the sorority next door. Sororities were not allowed to have alcohol in their houses, but fraternities were and my house always had a keg.

The girls from next door, and sometimes girls from other sororities, spent a lot of time at our house and we were always happy to supply the beer to keep them coming over. We often played various games, including a variation of T-or-D.

We wrote dares and truth questions on index cards and put them in a bucket. Each player, on his turn, had to pull out a card without looking and tell the truth or complete the dare shown on the card. We liked getting our friends naked, and most of the dares involved at least some nudity.

One rainy Saturday afternoon, eight or ten of us were playing. Timothy (not his real name) pulled a dare that read,

"The person on your left will be your guide for this dare. Your guide will blindfold you, tie your hands behind your back, spin you around three times to disorient you, and then lead you to five other members of the group, male or female, to be selected by your guide.

You must kneel down before each of these persons. The person will expose his or her reproductive organs and then use his or her hands to guide your head to kiss them. You must kiss them passionately, whether they are male or female.

If anyone in the group thinks your kiss is not passionate enough, that person will, 'Boo,' and you must try again. After you have kissed all five, to the point where nobody, 'Boo's,' your guide will untie your hands and remove your blindfold."

Well, Colleen (not her real name) was sitting to the left of Timothy. She was an older girl, very nice, but played exactly by the rules. She led him to Christine and he got no, "Boo's,' on his first kiss there.

Then Colleen led him to me. He did the dare, but, as his lips touched, he realized just what he was kissing, and backed off. Half the room yelled, "Boo."

Now, I that was a sensation I never have had before, and I was a bit flustered and just wanted to get it over with. Colleen told Timothy, though, that he had to try again. He tried again and nobody yelled, "Boo." This was the first time I was kissed down there so passionately by anyone, and I must say I enjoyed it.

I quickly pulled my clothes back on and Timothy went on to kiss three others. Colleen was a bit mean and made him kiss one other guy after me.

Later in the same game, Cindy (again, not her real name, but the same girl with whom I had to exchange clothes in my previous story) pulled a card that required her to do the same kissing dare to everyone in the room who was not of her gender.

She came to me first and knelt down before me. I asked, as I was dropping my pants and briefs, "Are you sure you want to kiss this? You know, Timothy just did."

Cindy was very embarrassed, and giggled, "Please, just let me get this over with." I made it as easy as I could for her and she made it worth my while. Her kiss was somehow a million times more pleasant than Timothy's. I quickly pulled my clothes back on and watched longingly as Cindy continued with every other guy in the room.

This turned out to be a really hot game, and I will relate some more stories about it and about my three years in this college group if people want.

Comments from the Webmaster:

Thanks for this great story, Sprinterboi! I really wanted to publish it here, but I had to tone it down a little bit on some explicit language. Hopefully, the naughtyness is still visible - between the lines.

I'm sure the other visitors will enhoy reading your story, especially as it was so hot.

Comments, anyone? :)

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Jun 12, 2014
Short time
by: Neo

But I think you’re more excited with Timothy’s kiss. If he had more time, I bet you would've exploded straight to his face.

Oct 11, 2013
by: Lynn

When I was college age I would have gotten a huge erection just dangling it in front of them, especially with an audience. You do not mention this. Did you?

Mar 07, 2012
thanks for your story and understanding
by: Francis

I enjoyed your story a lot, but I had to get rid of the "P-word" in particular.

Let's just say that this sort of story is the most "adult" I would be able to publish on my website/blog.

Many visitors are requesting more adult dare stories and ideas, but this particular website will stay open for visitors of all ages.

Bottom line: send us your stories as much as you want. But if they are slightly too adult, I will have to review them. If they are way too adult, I'll remove them...

Thanks again for posting :)

Mar 07, 2012
No complaints here.
by: Sprinterboi

You kept all critical elements in the story and I have no complaints about the minor changes you made.

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