The Day They Tried To Get Me A Gay

by Dave
(United States)

(Photo from Mandarin Strawberries via flickr)

Hi my name is Dave and I will be telling you a story about a time I played truth or dare. This events of this story occurred in Franklin, Tennessee in the United States.

I was about 21 years old at the time. It all started when I decided to hang out with a coworker named Chris away from work.

Chris had been telling me earlier that he never got laid and I did think anything about it at that time except that I should help him find a really open minded girl to have sex with if I could.

He said he had met a girl that worked at a gas station before that was nearby so we went to that gas station to get beer. It so happened that she was working that night and that she got off work in a little while.

We hung out and talked to her until she got off work. Then we asked if she wanted to hang out and drink beer with us at his house which was nearby.

She said she was totally up for it.

The three of us went to his house and started drinking. We hung out and talked and got to know each other for the rest of the night.

It was just starting to get daylight outside and somehow a game of truth or dare began. She was pretty drunk and she said dare the first time so I dared her to dance really sexy for us for 2 minutes.

She did it without thinking twice. Her next turn she said dare again and I dared her to take off her shirt. Again she did it without hesitation and then danced for us without even being dared too.

Her next turn came and she dared Chris to take off his shirt, he did.

Then I was dared to take off my shirt and I did.

Then she dared me to French kiss her and I did.

Then Chris dared her to take off her pants and she did.

Then she dared me to French kiss Chris and I was so totally not going to do that.

At this point Chris comes out of the closet and tells us he is bisexual and would like to dare us both to have sex with him right now. I did not know Chris very well and I had never suspected that he was gay or bisexual.

She then dared us both to see how many times we could make her cum as a team. I was totally not into this so I said that I was going home so that the two of them could have some alone time.

I then left and went home. The next night the two of them showed up at my workplace and said they had hot sex and then slept and then they decided to go and get their tongues pierced together.

In the following days I was working on the same day and shift with Chris a lot due to the fact that we both worked at the same workplace.

Well it turns out that they tell you to keep your mouth really clean after getting your tongue pierced and to not French kiss people for the first few days.

Chris was French kissing this girl only minutes after they both got their tongues pierced and after that too. His tongue got more and more infected with each passing day.

His tongue swelled up so big that he could not eat or talk normally before he decided to go to a doctor.

It was pretty funny when he tried to talk and the way his tongue was so swollen it stuck out of his mouth a little and puffed his cheeks out.

In the end she went back to live with her boyfriend and Chris' tongue got better. And that is my story about the night I played truth or dare.

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The Dare at the Savannah Candy Kitchen

by Markus
(Savannah GA, USA)

(Photo from frederic halley2008)

It was cold rainy December evening in Savannah GA, USA, in 2002. So business at the candy store was very slow that evening, myself (Markus), LaToya, and William were bored employees with nothing to do.

I had been working at this job about four months and had a crush on William, but I never told him, about my feeling for him, I thought he was homophobic, and I could not live with him hating me for liking him, beside I was not OUT anyways.

Well Latoya said,

“Hey William! Let’s continue our game of truth or dare that we were playing in school today and Markus you can play too. ”

Rules are if you don't go through with the dare that's given to you then you have to pay 1.00 to each person playing. I was broke as heck so I was planning to do any dare they could think of. After about ten minutes of playing, Latoya said:

Let spice up the game, Markus! I dare you to kiss William!!!

OMG my heart stopped the moment I had dreamed of since I met him three years ago at school was suddenly upon me. My mind is racing Do I do it or do I act like I'm not in to kissing guys and pay up 2.00 that I don't have.

Well I walked up to him and he had a stern homophobic look as though he wanted to punch me in face.

I did not know what was going to happen, but I knew that I would play it off and say it was just a game if things went wrong.

I closed my eyes and leaned forward and kissed him, to my surprise I felt him kiss back.

The kiss lasted all of three seconds, but if felt like forever.

Later on William told me he was not feeling that dare at first because he was scared that something would go wrong he would be OUTTED, but he knew that I was not going to say anything because he already figured I was gay, but scared to tell people so he had nothing to lose and we would lie if Latoya told anyone.

Well thanks to taking that dare on that rainy boring day, my life has been secretly spiced up with William for the past eight years.

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