Funny Naked Dares for Those Who Have Guts

by Leah
(New York)

Just some of my fav dares to give


  • Flash the cutest guy

  • Run around the block naked

  • Do a striptease

  • Put on a nappy for 4 hours you are not allowed to go to the toilet you have to go in your nappy and you are not allowed to change yourself someone else has to change you and they are allowed to do it fast slow or when they take of your nappy they can leave you exposed. You are not allowed to move and if they choose to leave you exposed and you need to go to the bathroom you have to go on the floor. This is better if they are only wearing a nappy and nothing else.

These next couple of ones take guts

  • Go for a drive completely naked on a busy highway

  • Go to a public park, get completely naked and pee like a dog now you can do it during the day if you have the courage and if it’s not illegal or you can play it safe and do it at night either way it is funny to watch and thrilling to do.


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Nov 17, 2016
Naked please please please please
by: ivanka k

I've done everything but the park. It's so much fun to get naked and rebel.... if you get arrested, eh, it's a good story to tell, right?????? LOLZ. ivk

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