Flagpole Freezer

by Nick
(St. Paul/MN/US)

Back in college, while having a few drinks in my buddy John’s room, the girl I had been making moves on decided it would be best if the group played truth or dare.

I was kind of shy about it but first but between Sarah pulling me in and John adding a few more shots to my system, I gave in. We started off slow with things like “Are you a virgin?” or “take off a piece of clothing” and when it came to me I started to shy away and said truth.

Our friend Mike just casually asked “have you ever streaked before?” which wouldn't have been a big deal, except for the fact I hadn't. This caused quite a stir among the group and it quickly became a group effort to get me naked and outside running around, in the middle of the cold Minnesota winter.

I wouldn't have gone but Sarah agreed to do it with me so I quickly started to get going. We got outside and I started to run to build up some body heat. I had agreed to run a half mile from one end of the campus to the other and back before coming back inside and by the time I made it to the far side of campus, the exercise had caused me to break a sweat.

Luckily for me, Sarah and I were the only two at the other end of campus so we decided to spend a couple minutes kissing before heading back to our dorm. As we came back everyone was cheering and Mike was at the front of the pack congratulating me.

When I got to them, Mike’s brother quickly ran up and told me that he dared me to go hug the flagpole. Feeling confident after my little naked sprint I decided it couldn't hurt, but after grabbing on to the pole I realized the point wasn't to see me hug the pole, it was to freeze the sweat I had accumulated to the pole.

I was stuck and everyone was starting to head back in. Sarah had already gone in to get dressed and it was down to me and Mike to find a solution.

After convincing Mike that running a razor between me and the pole was not how to do it, he went in to get some hot water. While he was inside campus security decided to do rounds a few hours early and came to see how I was doing, although they weren't as pleased by the situation.

As they explained to me the trouble I was in and how they were going to explain to my parents that their son was found naked, hugging a flagpole, clearly intoxicated, on a Wednesday night, Mike came sprinting back out with boiling water from the stove.

Before I could stop him the water was running down the pole, across my chest and slowly separating my body from the pole. As I felt the ice let go of my body I didn't mind the heat until they found the lower half of my body and down to my family jewels.

Needless to say, a little bit of screaming and crying later, campus security decided I had suffered enough for one night and let me off with a warning. When I got back in I got a standing ovation from the group and a kiss from Sarah.

I haven’t played truth or dare since but I have gone down as a legend among my class as Naked Nick for my accomplishments.

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