Family vacation in Paris

by Alder

My dad had to go to work in Paris on an architecture project for about two months over the summer when I was 14. At 16 I see this story as hilarious now...

My mom and dad let each of us 4 kids bring a friend and hired an au-pair to keep us in line.

One night we decided to go take an evening walk with the promise that my older brother would be in charge and if we challenged him we would spend two weeks solid in the room with the au-pair.

We got down by the Liberty Fountain between the Liberty Arch and the Arc de Triumph and my brother asked if we wanted to play truth or dare. Ground rules were no weird stuff between brothers and sisters.

I took the first dare and my sister giggled and said that the rules allowed her to dare me to kiss my older brother on the lips!

Ugh! It was weird but we played it off. Mainly because we wanted even more from the girls.

Well, the plaza was near empty and my younger sister dared her best friend to swim around the (well lit) shallow fountain naked with me.

Everyone got silent but I was too much of a wild kid to back down and I think my brother wanted to see my sister's 13 1/2 year old friend naked...

So we looked around and stripped and eased into the water. We went around the center stands and fountains and to the other side and started coming back.

But everyone had taken off! All they left was the hotel room key card.

We went to a dark area in the bushes to decide what to do and I was so turned on by the situation that I snuck a kiss.

She just stared back for a second and we had an hour of both of our 'first contact'. It was stunning and amazing.

But we realized we still had a problem. We spotted a homeless man drinking by the pool and when I explained what happened he gave my sisters friend his shirt.

We went from bush to bush until we reached the bustling hotel. I got a newspaper out of the garbage and my new gf was panicking because the shirt didn't quite cover her whole bum.

But we ran for the elevator being chased by the concierge who threw a towel at me and took the paper (better look for hotel wear?) and walked off in a huff.

We went up the slowest four floors ever with three other snickering people and sprinted 100 feet to the boys room where I was going to give her sweats to wear back to her room.

We got there and I was sick to realize it was my parents room key.
I had no choice but to go admit our nudity and take my punishment.

When we walked in we were met by the whole family laughing and howling about the only two who had been silly enough to do the dare!

My new gf was embarrassed and we quickly got to our rooms. We 'contacted' each other a few more times that summer in Paris, the city of love.

At least there no one would look twice at me buying protection.

My parents recounted about their college days when they went into a big fountain nude in Italy and got arrested for the night but the police just accepted 'fines' and let them go.

Si it was kind of a right of passage... not all of which I will ever tell my parents or children... lol ..children.. I can't wait to take them to Paris someday!

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Aug 09, 2014
Hormones bursting
by: Neo

Oh boy…you had a very naughty experience and yes, you are in the city of love, but I guess both of you are too young for that. At least, you’re a responsible individual for buying that condom XD and I do agree with Francis, it’s just half of the story your parents’ story..

Aug 08, 2014
by: Francis

Alder, you have a great story that you should be proud to tell your kids one day. Not many people have had such a cool story in their teenage years!

My memories of Paris come up very vividly when I read your story. Did you speak french or how could you explain your situation to the homeless guy? (How cool of him to lend you his shirt)

And heck - you probably inherited your wild ideas from your parents. They are not even telling you half of the truth of what they did when they were young, believe me :)

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