Embarrassing Fetish Came out When I was asked Truth

by Joe
(Westchester County, New York)

(Photo from mariag10)

Well this story dates back to my high school years when I over my friend Danny's house. My name is Joe and I live in Westchester County, New York.

It was a Friday night and Danny and I decided to invite two girls over that were in our classes at school. The girls came over and to our surprise brought some alcohol with them. Well the fun began once we began drinking.

One of the girls suggested that we play a game of truth or dare. Dan and I just looked at each other with the biggest grins on our faces. Dan started off the game by asking me truth or dare.

Being the shy guy I am I went for a truth instead of a dare.

Dan said is it true that you have a foot fetish. Dan was the only one who knew about this fetish of mine and the girls jaws dropped to the ground when I answered yes. Later on in the game Dan dared me to kiss one of the girl's feet and of course you can't bail out on a dare like that.

The girl was smiling as I took off her shoe and sock and began kissing her foot. The other girl and Dan were cracking up hysterically.

Who would have known that on a Friday night I would be kissing the girl from school's foot? I was happy about it and it was amazing to me!

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