Drunken Jenga Truth or Dare Action

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One day there was about four or five of us friends together, just hanging out. My friends came and got us, then we went back to their house, and hung out for a bit.

I think we were going to stay the night over at their house. Well after a while of hanging out and playing video games, we were playing rock band. Seeing my friend trying to play on the hard level sometimes in order to get those hard notes, he would try and stand on his toes to hit them.

But after a while of playing that, we went to our friend's house to play a game called "Beer pong". Perhaps you might have heard of it?

But anyways, we were playing that and then we did some shots of one hundred proof of hot damn, and some shots of gold slugger.

Then after playing some beer pong we decided to play some drunken twister. We TRIED to play...

Then out of nowhere, while we were playing twister, one of my friends got up behind my girl as if it looked like he was grabbing her from behind. Oh my god it was funny, oh my god it was hilarious.

Then after that we were bored we made up a game called Junking Jenga. Which it is a lot like normal Jenga but it is also better then the Jenga Truth or Dare that they have at the store, with those truths or dares that suck and are weak.

One of the dares that we had to do is go to the store and buy some condoms, put some mayo in it, drive to another apartment building (cause we didn't want to get in trouble at the one that were at and end up getting my friends kicked out) ...

But anyways we're driving around looking for some other apartments but instead we figured where we would put the condom with mayo in it. Should we go put the condom onto our friend's boss's door knob?

Oh boy, we almost got caught because we were too damn loud! We almost got the cops called on us for it!

Well while one friend was putting the condom filled with mayo on the door knob, my other friend was pissing in the guy's gas tank...!!

Holy crap that was funny.

Webmaster's comments

That must have been a hell of a party! Judging from the way you told the story, it might have been a recent event??

Anyways, I am going to cover my butt on this drunken story. Be sure to have fun with crazy dares, but do so responsibly!

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