Drunk and took Dare

by Joe and Mary

We were playing one night with our usual group of t/d couples. This particular night a neighbor woman showed up uninvited and already very drunk. Much more than any of us were.

The host introduced her and told us she recently divorced her husband and wanted to know if she could play. We were not sure about a stranger but our host asked a couple of the wives to help her get more drinks.

She told them the woman was over earlier and talking about how it had been 8 months since she had sex and was so horny she was ready to just grab the next man she saw. She told her about the game that night and told her if she picked dare every time sooner or later someone would be dared to ease her pain.

She said she is so drunk and horny we should give her the bang of her life. The girls returned and told us men she was in. We told her she was 1st and had to stand in the middle of the circle and remove her top and bra and chug a shot.

Then remove her skirt and panties and chug 2 shots and she did. She was told she could not get her clothes back until the fame was done. She was really drunk and said ok and sat down.

The next time it was her turn we told her the girls would take her in the bedroom and explain what to do next. There were 4 of us men there. First the host went in and made her excite him orally and then the girls leaned her back and watched him take her. She was in heaven.

The girls then put her in the tub and 1 of them helped her clean up. We played a couple more rounds and it was my turn.

All the girls went in with me and had her do the same thing to me. They took turns bathing her in between until all 4 of us had her.

She then was allowed to return to the game. She was loving it and gave us all oral again right there. She finally passed out naked on the couch.

She awoke about 10am the next morning while we were all clothed and drinking coffee. She was a bit disoriented for a minute and was surprised she was laying nude in the same room with 4 dressed couples.

She then said oh I remember now. It was the most fun I can ever remember. I really needed that. Thank you girls for letting your men do that last night.

She now joins our get togethers every time we have them and has become a regular that lets all of us do whatever we want with her. She enjoys this role.

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Feb 08, 2016
by: Francis

Wow. Just wow. You really hit gold there. Both with your ladies letting you do that as well as with your new guest letting you do... her.

Have lots of fun!!

(Man how I need to set up an adult stories section....)

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