Dress-Up Time

by Sprinterboi

For most of my time in college, I lived in a frat house. All the guys in my fraternity were friends with all the girls in the sorority next door. Sororities were not allowed to have alcohol in their houses, but fraternities were and my house always had a keg.

The girls from next door, and sometimes girls from other sororities, spent a lot of time at our house and we were always happy to supply the beer to keep them coming over. We often played various games, including a variation of T-or-D.

We wrote dares and truth questions on index cards and put them in a bucket. Each player, on his turn, had to pull out a card without looking and tell the truth or complete the dare shown on the card. We liked getting our friends naked, and most of the dares involved at least some nudity.]

One afternoon we had over a dozen playing. I pulled a dare that read as follows:

"The person on your left will blindfold you and take you to another room. That person may select additional helpers to assist him or her. You must co-operate fully with whatever that person directs you. That person, and helpers, if present, will remove any or all of your clothing and will redress you however they choose. They will then bring you out to show the whole group before your blindfold is removed. You must remain in the clothing they have put on you for one hour."

Well, Fran was on my left. She was a year or so older than me and was a very nice girl, in general. Tonight, however, she was merciless. She immediately blindfolded me, selected a few other girls to help her, and led me into our pool room. This was a small room that could be closed off. It had a pool table and a couple of sofas in it.

She dropped my pants and took some measurements of my body. She then told me to strip completely, gave the measurements to one of her helpers, and sent a couple of her helpers to their sorority house to get some clothes.

I had to stand there naked and blindfolded until they got back. The helpers came back and all the girls started to giggle, presumably about the clothes they had brought.

I co-operated as they put clothing on me. I specifically remember a bra (which I later found out was filled with crumpled newspaper) and a silky pair of panties going on me. Then a frilly garment was lowered over my head. I could feel air on my legs, so I presumed they were not covered.

Then they led me back to the group to show me off. Everyone was laughing, giggling, or chuckling. Finally, Fran removed my blindfold. I was in a pink mini-dress with pink panties and pink bedroom slippers that were made to look like bunnies.

I survived the hour and then went to the pool room to get changed back into my own clothes. They were not there. I asked Fran where they were and she responded,
"Oh, you look so pretty in that dress. I want to keep you in it for the rest of the game, so I hid your other clothes."

It was about two more hours before Fran gave me my clothes back, but I did get a little revenge. She lost her pants in a dare and had to spend most of the two hours with her legs bare.

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Mar 14, 2012
Good stuff - I would have taken more revenge ;)
by: Francis

Sprinterboi, great story and nice details again! Thanks for sharing it with us all.

The girls did not hold back at all. You suffered thoroughly through this dare. If that was me, I would have thought about stuff way more embarrassing and "mean" to get back at her for dressing you up as the girls did!

Seems you have had quite some epic dare nights. Wish I was there to spice things up even more!

Jul 13, 2015
Sounds like fun
by: Anonymous

I had a female friend threaten to dress me up for a dare once, but I chickened out. You were brave to go through with it!

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