Ding Dong Ditch Endeavor Turned Out Bad

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When I was thirteen years old, my friend Ashton and I on a Saturday night collected four more of our friends that lived on the same court.

After boring ourselves out on our thrashed skateboards, Ashton entertained the idea of playing truth or dare to spice up the night.

Being the daredevils we are, we opted for the more adventurous options of 'dare'. At our age we still exercised the doorbell ditch endeavor and when it circled around to one of my other friends named Daniel he accordingly chose dare.

My task for Dan was to doorbell ditch a random house at the opposite end of our street. I picked this poorly maintained, 'swallowed by all suburban plant life' house for the deed.

Without missing a beat, my friend snuck up to the door after creeping around all the clutter of busted of pieces of pipes and wood that riddled the front lawn facing the entry way which was also buried with random junk.

From a safe distance we watched as he lifted his arm. Just seconds later we hear an unexpected sharp collection of noises that one could identify as 'too many dogs that one person should have' that were probably clustered near the front door.

I later ascertained that Daniel was not slick and was heard from the dogs that he was sneaking to the front door. The loud collection of noises jittered Daniel so uncontrollably that he forgot how his legs worked.

Stumbled and back on to his feet, he blasted his way so fast out of the vicinity that poor Daniel completely disregarded the clutter that invaded the front of the entry way.

But the most entertaining segment of this story is when one of the busted pipes caught on an open seam in his sweat pants, causing the majority of one leg to tear completely off, loosening the waist band presumably which inevitably caused a second hard fall.

After minutes of terror and panic and dashing, a pantless silhouette of a blonde kid could be seen maniacally jetting down the end of the street and away from us. For a few minutes, I think poor Dan forgot about our existence when he removed himself the scene.

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Sep 17, 2013
Poor Dan :D
by: Francis

As a kid I would have been totally scared from a bunch of dogs! He was a brave daredevil and deserves big props for doing the dare.

Even if at the beginning, the dare didn't look like a big deal.

But you never know with Truth or Dare what can happen ;)

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