Dare You to Do Us

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I’m Kay, and I’d been friendly with a couple I met at church and had gone to lunch with them once or twice. I liked them because they were always joking around and I thought they were funny. I knew the man had been in prison for drugs and a few other things in his younger days, but I didn’t think much of it as this had been years before and he seemed to be reformed.

One day they asked me to their house for dinner and I said OK as I thought there would be other people there. When I arrived I thought it was strange that I was the only guest and that the woman met at the door wearing no bra, a crop top and only the briefest of shorts. The man was also half undressed and only had on a pair of jeans and no shirt.

They both started getting way too chummy immediately, especially her. She kept hugging me and kept putting her arm around me, but I thought it was because she was just a little drunk and high. Finally at dinner, the woman suggested we play truth or dare. She then said she would start the game and while rubbing her bare foot up and down my leg asked me if I’d ever had a threesome.

They had served quite a lot of wine with dinner and I was a little drunk too by then, so I looked at both of them sitting there grinning at me like two possums eating saw briars and like an idiot I said, “Dare!” They just loved that. “Then we dare you to have a threesome with us!” they shouted in unison and came around the table and sort of pounced on me, making me the unwilling piece of meat in a human sandwich.

That sobered me up in one hell of a hurry, let me tell you. It took a few minutes, but I soon extricated myself from the clutches of those two overage, oversexed idiots and got the hell out of there, without taking them up on their offer to spice up my life. They were very cold to me from then on when we met, which was fine by me. The whole incident just weirded me out, because it was almost like finding out your grandma and grandpa were some kind of perverts.

I found out later they’d tried this and a few other spicy, sex games with several people and apparently they did have a few takers. The problem was that they had taped themselves and these people having sex and boy did it ever cause a scandal when the people in the church and our little town found out about it. It caused a few strained marriages, at least one divorce and plenty of gossip.

They ended up having to move away because of all the talk around town. I ended up very glad I wasn’t drunk enough and that they weren’t young or attractive enough to convince me to take that dare.

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Apr 03, 2012
you were lucky
by: Anonymous

good you did not give in to their demands. Who wants to get freaky with a couple of old folks anyways.

They were not even discreet, huh

Apr 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

...to throw themselves half-naked on a whole bunch of people and then thinking this would not get out...

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