Chosen Truth Ever Since

Caught naked in the game of Truth or Dare

Caught naked in the game of Truth or Dare

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I have played truth or dare many times in my 26 years, however, one dare I was given, always sticks out in my head.

I was 14 and was about a month into high school. I had met new friends through my new school and had them over to my grandparent’s house for a sleepover.

It was getting late and we had already done our fair share of binge eating, reading magazines and talking about how much we hated our teachers...

So, someone came up with the bright idea to play truth or dare. I chose Allie first; she picked truth and every girl in the room moaned in annoyance… BORRRRING!!!!

I asked her a dumb question that didn't really embarrass her and got on with the game. She asked me next.

Of course, being the provocative one of the group and scared to get groans from my new friends, I chose dare.

“I dare you to…. Go outside and run around the house….. Completely naked!”

I couldn't turn it down, what would my new friends think? Plus… it was the middle of the night.

No one would see, right?

So I stripped down to my birthday suit and ran outside and started my lap around the house.

All was going great until I reached the back door again and it was locked!!!

My friends had locked me out! Laughing and giggling, my friends stood at the door.

“Guess you will have to make your way to the front door”, they said.

So I did… and GUESS WHO had woken up and was at the front door? ... MY GRANDPA...

Talk about awkward, He stood there, staring in disbelief.

As much as I tried to cover my lady parts, it was impossible. My grandfather, the man who had basically raised me, was checking out my newly developed female body…. My grandpa awkwardly let me in the door and asked that next time I go on an “adventure” to let him know to stay in bed…

Let’s just say, I have chosen truth ever since...

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