Changing Clothes Dare Story

by Jacob Black
(St. Louis Missouri )

My favorite truth or dare story happened a couple of years ago while I was attending a semi formal with a group of my fraternity brothers. We went on a trip out of town to go to another Chapter's semi formal dance.

truth or dare stories friends with swapped clothes
Clothes swaping Dares are always funny
(Photo from whateva87)

After the main event some of the brothers were hosting a huge party at their apartment. As the night wore down, most of my brothers had left leaving me at the party with my date. I knew absolutely no one else at the party.

They decided it was time to play truth or dare. I had heard stories about how their Chapter gets crazy at parties so I decided to stick around to see if it was true. First of all, everyone picks dare every time. I don't even think they allowed you to pick truth; it was that kind of party.

The first few were pretty tame, dancing around like a fool or kissing a friend in front of everyone. The best dare of the night was given to a quiet girl who not very many people knew. She was dared to pick someone to go into the bathroom and change clothes with.

This could have been a lame dare, but instead she picked one of the guys. They went into the bathroom and came out fully dressed in each other's clothes. This was semi formal attire so she was in a tuxedo and the guy came out in her very dainty, hot pink dress!

He spent the rest of the game in the dress, performing a number of dares himself. I never saw any of these people ever again, but I'll never forget that night I played truth or dare with strangers and watched them all make fools of themselves.

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Apr 13, 2013
As long as you're not the one she picks
by: Steven

I was at a Halloween party dressed as Zorro when I was 22. We were playing t-o-d and this girl was dared to get two people(not herself) to swap costumes.

I was getting pretty drunk and wasn't even paying attention to the game. When these three girls ushered me into a bedroom and everyone cheered.

I thought I was really going to get lucky, especially when they started taking off my clothes.

Unfortunately the ballerina changed into them about as quickly as they could get them off me.

The three of them wrestled me all over the bed to get me into that tutu.

The wrestling was fun, the end result not so much.

I looked ridiculous, caked on make up and a long curly wig donated by one of the other girls, tight pink tutu with hairy legs. The girl wouldn't give up her tights. Lol

Upon our return Zorro and "the hairy godmother" got huge applause and lots of laughs. I also got reminded of it for a long time after that night.

Apr 14, 2013
Outch - Hope they didn't take photos XD
by: Francis

Awesome story, Steven!

You probably haven't fought back too hard (since you thought you might get lucky), or you wouldn't have had to change into the tutu...

But well, when 3 girls are over you and you cannot be mean to them, what to do?

If you were really ballsy, you would have kept a staight face in the tutu, and continued to play... just to get in some good revenge dares with the girls!

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