Caught by the Girls

by Morgan Smith
(Canada )

When I was eleven years old I was having a sleepover with a few guy friends. We were still kids and we got board of video games and TV. So my best friend, Arnold said "Let’s play a game" I asked a game of what? With an evil look in his eye Arnold said: "Let’s play truth or dare!"

Now I had one older sister, Tara and a younger sister, Kaitlyn. Because my older sister was Fourteen (This happened in the mid 90's), she was considered old enough to babysit us. So carelessly my parents went out and left four eleven year olds in a house with a fourteen year old girl in charge.

Tara was in her room listening to music and it was about 8:00 so Kaitlyn was in the shower getting ready for bed. Her bed time on weekends was 9:00 (She was nine by the way). So the game began. It started off with normal childish questions like, I dare you to punch Arnold or have you ever kissed a girl. Normal questions for eleven year olds, right?

Well Arnold was not satisfied. He wanted more, so when it was his turn he decided to dare me to pull down my pants and underwear and show everyone my 'Thing'. At first I said no! But everyone was laughing and making jokes so I decided to go for it. I yanked my underwear down exposing my Willie to my four friends.

They laughed and told me to sit back down. I did and I also pulled my underwear up as quickly as I could.

Then the dares got more serious, Joey dared Arnold to Moon everyone and he did. Likewise Arnold dared joey to sand naked for five minutes in front of my bedroom window. Finally it was back to me, I decided I wanted revenge on Arnold. I heard the shower cut off as Joey was standing butt naked in my room finishing his dare.

I knew Kaitlyn was still in the bathroom. Our bathroom didn't have a lock because it was for the three kids; my parents had a lock on theirs though. I dared Steve my other buddy, to go to the bathroom, open the door (Knowing Kaitlyn was nude) and show her you’re thing.

And foolishly Steve did it!

He opened the door when Kaitlyn was and got a full view off her naked! Then in the moment, he took his pants and underwear down as showed Kaitlyn his willie and butt. She screamed which woke Tara from her music and got her out of her bed room.

There were all of us laughing as Steve as he and Kaitlyn stared in shock at each other’s nude Privates.

Tara was furious. She grabbed Kaitlyn and through a towel at her, and ordered Steve to pull up his cloths. Then she said she wanted to see all us boy in the dining room. Five minutes later we entered the room, scared and curious at what was going to unfold, she told us we had violated Kaitlyn's rights and said now it was time to be punished!

I was scared, she told us to take off everything and face the wall. WE did, as we stripped we sized up each other’s parts. Then Tara and Kaitlyn came in from the Living room. Tara lectured us as we faced the wall and said we were bad kids.

She then told us to turn around. We all did with our hands covering our assets. Kaitlyn, still only in her underwear, giggled and smirked at our foolish state. Picture four boys with their hands covering their 'stuff' in front of two females. (I think Arnold liked it a little) Then Tara said, put your hands on your head and look forward.

We all admitted defeat to Tara's orders and power and exposed our parts to the girls. At this point it’s about 9:00, we knew mom and dad would arrive about 10:30. So Tara told us to stand still because Kaitlyn would get her revenge.

As if seeing us all totally naked wasn't enough revenge! Kaitlyn, led by Tara came up close to us and inspected our privates. Both girls laughed and giggled at Steve who was clearly the smallest. Then with a swift turn Tara kicked all us boys one by one in the balls and we fell to the floor, the girls up-roared in laughter!!

So in closing our kiddy game of truth or dare turned bad and made us all look silly, butt naked in front of clothed girls.

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