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A funny naked dare story

A funny naked dare story

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Let me start off by saying that truth and dare has always been one of my favorite games. In my book it always been number 1. It is such a captivating game to play to see people tell their truths and do their dares. Now that has always been the game me and my friends have played millions times at parties.

Truth and Dare was all we had to play coming from a small town like Ridgeway, SC I mean it wasn’t nothing else better to do than that. But this game got a little more interesting than the norm for us all. Three years ago, me and my friends, Stacy, Marcus, Solange, Derek and David decided that we would throw one of the biggest EPIC parties of the year.

We were seniors and we wanted to have a blast to celebrate graduating. The Party was going to be one of the apartments that Solange parent’s were owners of, without the parent’s knowing of course. The plan was give Solange $200 dollars each for any damages, which we all did. The night of the party everything was going crazy (meaning good), just the party we all wanted it to be.

Now this is where it got crazy, Truth or Dare, everyone there goes into it. Solange chose a dare so she had to make out with Derek for 2 minutes. Now here was my turn Truth or Dare, I chose dare. Stacy Dared me to run around the neighborhood naked, without a hesitating I did it (I mean it was a dare, can’t go back on those).

Everybody inside came outside laughing I was bare so I started off running down the street cars passing blowing there horns, neighbors coming outside to look it seem like the everybody was watching then this where it all turned a cop car rode by and I had to duck behind a bush butt naked now, the police car just stopped where I was finding seem like forever but finally he drove on and soon as he got down the street real good I went back to the apartment and put my clothes on.

Everybody saw me and my birthday suit that night, embarrassing and funny at the same time. What wasn’t funny though when the next morning I woke up covered in a rash, turns out the bush I was hiding behind was a poison ivy bush. Geesh.

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