A much sexualized game of truth or dare

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Well, there was this one time my friends Alex, Shay, James and I were hanging out together after a "professional club" meeting at a local restaurant. We stopped at a liquor store to buy a few things and headed to Alex's apartment.

After a while of just generally talking, I decided to start a round of truth or dare. Shay, who had two very large, very high alcohol drinks decided to go for a dare.

Shay is normally, very hesitant to show his body, but because of his certain situation, I demanded that he run around the building with his balls out of his boxers and he agreed.

So in 30 degree weather, he complied. Another round went, and someone asked the question, "Of all the professors in our department, who would you have sex with?" The question, being of interest to all, was answered by everyone.

Alex answered with the head of our academic department, an older, hippy-like man, declaring that "he would be an inventive lover."

Shay answered the older, curator of our lab, saying she was under-appreciated.

James refused to answer and I said that I would choose either the Indiana Jones looking fellow or an athletic, very intelligent female professor, who was well-liked.

To this day, that night and the various other incidents associated with it continue to make those involved and those we know laugh.

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Failed attempt at a bra dare

There was a funny evening where they dared this one guy to unhook my bra using only his teeth. He worked hard, but unfortunately it did not unhook in the back...

So I told him, that it unhooks in the front, and he was really embarrassed about it.

Not as much as I was when he - finally – succeeded with his dare!

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Dec 11, 2011
Open bra with one hand
by: Anonymous

I'm proud that I always can open the bra of a hot chick with one hand. Be it in front or the back.

Feb 07, 2013
Open the bra in the front without getting slapped
by: Anonymous

Good luck unhooking a bra from the front on a girl. I can guarantee she wins this slap bet ;)

Aug 21, 2014
by: Anonymous


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