Boyfriend Saw Me Naked

Well my name is Kirsten and my friend Crystal and Amber invited me to their house.

We played truth and dare when it was my turn I was dared to take all my clothes of except my bikini top (we were wearing bathers because we were going to go into pool after this game of dare.

So I took my clothes of. I decided to make Crystal and Amber pay so I dared them to take all their clothes off except their bikini top.

Amber took her anger out on me by doing a triple dare (where we all had to do it).

The dare was to be totally naked. We all were sitting in a circle totally naked. We then put our bikini on and when to the pool where we continued to play the game.

I was dared to jump in from the high jump I did and lost my bikini top.

Then Crystals mum asked us to go for a shower because we were going out for dinner. She took us into a public shower where they have no doors on the showers.

There was only 1 shower unoccupied so we all had to strip of and go in the same shower. It would have been fine if the showers had doors.

And guess who had to come into the woman's shower room with his little sister Matthew the boy who I had a crush on.

He knew us from school and we were friends with him. Matthew’s little sister asked Matthew if he would have a shower with her. Because she was only 6 he said yes.

But Crystal’s mum Knew Matthew and told him there was no showers left and him and his sister could have a shower with us girls.

So in 1 minute the boy of my dreams was standing naked next to me. He said nice tits to me and I blushed.

In 2 weeks Matthew had become my boyfriend and Crystal and Amber keep reminding me about this story

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