Best Friend Gone (Based off real events made more extreme)

by Calista

My best friend got popular during our freshman year of high school and I was left behind. he birthday came up and her mother insisted I go to the party. It was me, her, and the 4 most popular girls at our school, and they hated me.

The five of them decided to humiliate me. It was a normal party until about 9 when we went up into my ex best friends room. They decided to play truth or dare. Almost every turn the attention was on me asking me really personal truths for half an hour.

One of the girls decided this was boring. She said that I was gonna do exactly what the others said or she would tell everyone at school everything I answered during truth (I tried bluffing, but my ex best friend knew everything already and called me out).

I agreed and that's when it got bad. first they made me let them dress me up and do my makeup and hair. I didn't think it would be that bad. They put me in a slutty bra 3 sizes too small, a thong, a super short super tight skirt, and a super tight crop top.

They made me look super slutty with hair and makeup and decided to have a photo-shoot. They took a bunch of pictures of me in all different poses some of them were awfully revealing live bending over so you could see basically my whole body, lifting up one of my legs above my head so you could see everything down there, lifting up my skirt, touching myself, all sorts of stuff.

Then they let me put on my regular clothes, not my underwear though, and wash off the makeup and fix my hair. My next task was to strip, give everyone a lap dance, make out with each of them, try to seduce one of them, and pretend to have sex with a stuffed animal.

They said if I didn't do that they would show people the pictures. I did all of it, they video taped most of it. After that they tied me to the bed posts each of my limbs on one thingy so I was like a star naked. They put clothes pins all over my body and it hurt a lot, they covered me in sticky foods, drew on me, they stuck stuff up me, all sorts of stuff.

At one point I told them I had to go to the bathroom and they told me to do it so I peed right in front of them all over the bed. They let me go and put me in the shower. Turns out they hid a camera in the shower so they had videos of me touching myself you know because I was cleaning myself.

Then they told me I had to act like a baby, they put me in a diaper and wouldn't let me talk at all every time I talked they would undo my diaper and spank me 15 times on the butt. They also decided I couldn't wear any clothes except a diaper.

They made me do a bunch of baby things. once they were tired of that it was around 1 in the morning, they made me stay naked and sleep with no blankets. Every so often they would get an idea and do stuff to me, most of the time they squirted water at me and woke me up.

At 3 in the morning they decided it would be funny to make me act like a dog. They had a shock collar so they put it on me, made me stay naked and brought me out to the back yard. Then made me do tricks and every time I did one wrong they would shock me.

They made me pee on a tree like a dog. They thought it would be funny if I was a horny dog so I had to hump their legs and trees and I had to lick everything like I was making out with it. After that they brought me back into the room and told me if I told anyone anything they did to me all the truths I answered, the pictures, and videos would go out on the internet so I never told.

Some of the pictures got out anyways to popular kids, they terrorized me about what they knew. A few weeks later we had to present in class, our teacher wasn't there that day and our sub fell asleep in class so they showed some of the pictures and one of the videos it was humiliating. I ended up switching schools.


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Dec 21, 2014
Love it
by: Anonymous

Oh my god this story is amazinggggg sorry this stuff happened to you. It would be better if it was all real but this stuff Id the kinda stuff I like. Tbh I kinda wish someone did this to me lol. Great story!

Feb 10, 2017
by: Anonymous

What parts were real

Sep 04, 2017
by: Anonymous

Which parts are true ? Seriously you should have told your parents

Jul 16, 2018
What to happen to me
by: Katen

I actualy wish that stuff would of happened to me

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