Beauty and the Beast - Ladies Night Clubbing Dare Story

by Yolanda B.
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

(Photo from Loren Javier)

My friends and I are party animals by nature. We enjoy going out and making the best out of any situation.

Well, one Friday night in Atlanta couple years ago we as a group of four went out for a girls night on the town.

We are always challenging each other so it's determined that something is bound to happen to have us laughing all night!

Well this night was my night to entertain. We reached at the club we were all looking fly and sexy!

We could all have any man in the club, but this particular night my friends dare me to show interest to the most unattractive person in the club:

The dare was to make as if I really was interested in him, by dancing and pretend as if I am head over heels in love.

So we scoped out the most unattractive man in the club we could find and they sat back and enjoyed the show that I was putting on!

I walked over to the guy at the bar and introduced myself to him and he was so ugly, I had no choice, but to smile because I was laughing so hard on the inside!!

He offered to buy me a drink and so we drank and talked until he asked me to dance.

And this is where the fun began!!

When I tell you, this man fell in love with me after 10 minutes. He brought more drinks and wouldn't let me go!

I told him I was with my friends, but he took advantage of a pretty girl being on him. I told him I was going to ladies room, when I came out he was right by the door!!

He followed me back to the dance floor and danced with me and my girls the entire night! I couldn't get this leech off of me!

I was so mad at my friends because I had to spend my fun with a crazy man while my friends flirted with all the cute guys in my face!

I finally just have him my number so he could leave me alone, but this did not work!!

He still stayed next to me entire night until we all ran out the club when he went to bar!!!

By the way it was the wrong number. I felt so bad!! But it was a dare I completed!!

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May 10, 2012
Think a little about the guy
by: Francis

Its all well that you had your fun under girls. But there is a point where it stops being funny.

Imagine some hot guy would play like that with your feelings- he would be the very devil...

After you did your dare, why did not the next girl play? You have been tricked!

Sep 26, 2016
Beauty and the Beast - Ladies Night Clubbing Dare
by: Anonymous

If this is, a true story. You totally worthless, useless **nt. Were did you, and your friends. Think you could, play this "game". With peoples hearts, and feelings. You probably, totally crushed his heart. When he found out, you gave him a fake phone #. The only reason why, he was on you. Like a fly, on fly paper. You made, his life! You were the only woman, that probably ever showed; any interest in him. He thought that, maybe for once. I may have, found a woman. That actually, likes me. He did not, DESERVE THIS! You deserve to have, your heart crushed. The same way, you destroyed his heart! If you can find this guy, you need to get down. On your knees and beg him, to for give you.

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