Back From The Lake

We were at my friend's house party attended by about 20 people on a very warm summer night.

Their house was on a fairly busy road that ran by a large park that had a lake.

About midnight, someone suggested we walk down to the lake and go skinny dipping. Twelve of us walked the 1/3rd mile to the park, then along a path some 100 yards to the lake.

We all stripped off and had some naked fun for 1/2 hour or so.

I was the last one out, still dripping wet when the others started heading back. I figured I'd be dry when we reached the road, so I walked naked with them.

I was still damp when we got to the road. I told the others to carry on and I would catch up.

The party hostess said, "I dare you to walk back to my place naked!"

Well, a dare was made, so I walked back naked.

A few cars passed us and I was able to get behind someone and I don't think I was seen by anyone in the cars.

What a fun time!

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