Awkward Naked Dare in Front of a Police Officer

Have you ever done a naked dare in the car?

Have you ever done a naked dare in the car?

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It was a warm summer night in Monroe, NY. I was 18 years old and recently got a new car.

For the most part me and my friends would drive around at night looking for girls, or hoping something interesting would happen. There is not much going on in my town, and the results were usually sub par. This night turned out to be different.

I picked up my friend Joe and we went for a ride. One of the younger girls, Kate, from out high school saw us driving around, she was with her sister.

Her sister was smoking hot, she wasn't too bad either, but I had already gotten with Kate about a year earlier. They asked us for a ride, they got in and we started driving, only to find out they had no destination either.

They decided to come for a ride with us wherever we were going. As we drove the girls became very flirtatious, and asked us if we would like to play car truth or dare.

We said yes immediately, one thing led to another and we were all in different states of disrobement.

I was down to my boxers, Joe was completely naked and the girls were in the back bra and panties in matching sets. I could see them through my rear view mirror.

The question that came up I literally couldn't answer the truth would have involved Kate, so I too got naked at the wheel; my next Dare invited Kate's sister, Mary into the front seat.

An awkward switching of naked bodies took place over my shoulder, and I was none too pleased when a clearly premeditated ball drop occurred on my shoulder.

After a gentle nut tap in retaliation things really started to heat up. Everyone in the car was naked, Mary was basically in my lap, and I was having trouble distinguishing my gear shift from another object throbbing between in the front seat.

As my friend in the back really threw me a bone, initiating a stop that would ensure both of us got laid, I heard sirens from behind the car. I was petrified, although we weren’t drinking, I knew there had to be laws against what was happening in this car.

I pulled to the side, and looked desperately for anything I could find to cover myself up, there was no time to get redressed, although I could see Joe in the rear-view mirror attempting as best he could.

The officer came to my window and I turned bright red, I didn’t know what was going to happen next, and all I could think of was how I was gonna explain this to my parents.

To my surprise officer was just about as red as I was. His eyes dropped, and mouth fell open staring at scene taking place in my car.

As I waited for his instructions, presumably, “get out of the car, you're under arrest” I looked to my right to see Mary smiling at the cop. She opened her mouth and said, “Nothing too see here officer, we will be on our way.”

He left, I was in shock, I drove away and the girls began laughing hysterically. I stopped in front of the Girl Scout cabin, which had been our intended destination. I looked at Mary, about to ask what just happened, but realized that would just kill the mood.

We went into the cabin and finished what we had started in the car. When we left, Joe and I asked the girls to explain, because we obviously had to know.

Kate says, “Well that was Mary’s Ex-Boyfriend, and this was exactly what we were doing when they first met, except we played in his cop car”

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Aug 04, 2015
by: Anonymous

This one made me laugh
Even more because it happened in real life
Loved this one im going to try find more like this

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