All girls slumber party

by Samantha

What was the funniest dare story that ever happened to you?

I was dared to kiss some of my best friends and there girls and I'm a girl

How did this make you feel?

It was really weird cause my friend suggested it and told everyone that no one would tell but she's the one who told :(

What exactly happened? What dares did everyone do? How old where you at that time?

It was my 13th birthday party and I had over 4 of my best friends let's call them Anne, Carrey, Donna and Megan, so we were all hanging out in my room when Anne (my best friend) suggests truth or dare. So at first they were small dares like lick the wall, kiss the dog, and stuff like that but then Donna says

"This is stupid let's do funnier stuff cause none of us are gonna tell anyway" so we lisened to her thinking shed dare us to do something not THAT bad but she says straight out "Sam (that's me) I dare u to kiss Anne" and I'm like so discusted by it at first but Anne seems fine with it - that makes me think WTF but I hesitantly go over and give Anne a peck on the lips...

It was soo weird her lips were all wet and as sad as this is that was my first kiss -_-.

Anyway as the night went on more dares like that went till everyone had kissed so next Anne dared Megan to kiss my ass I didn't think shed do it so I pulled down my pants a little laughing like everyone else making fun of her dare I jokingly said "kiss my ass" I kept laughing until I felt lips on my butt and I was really freaked out.

That's pretty much the worst of it but I'm 16 now and Donna came out that she was lesbian in 10th grade ... It makes sense NOW!

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Aug 11, 2011
She got you!

Sam, you said Donna came out three years later. I am sure she felt the same way when you were playing.

I say: she got you, she "wins" the truth or dare night :D

Aug 11, 2011
by: Francis

Nice story! Thanks for sharing it here :)

Oct 29, 2011
lesbian donna
by: Anonymous

You say it makes sense that DOnna is a lesbian? How.... she didn't really do much in your story. Stereotyping hell!

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