Hosting a cool adult pool party

many hot girls in bikini standing near a swimming pool

Hosting your own adult pool party in a private swimming pool will be explosive! It may be the wildest party of this summer.

The cool thing about a hot pool party with adults is that it is guaranteed that you will find some scantily dressed hot chicks and dudes ready for some mad fun.

The party is more likely to lead to some "sweet" fun afterwards due to constant physical contact with each other.

They often are stereotyped as for those owning large mansions with big swimming pool.

But this is not entirely true.

You can hold an adult pool party within your home that will not necessarily put a nasty dent on your wallet.

It requires some simple stuff affordable to most people.

  • First and most important, a swimming pool! It will be dumb to hold an wild pool party in your living room. Well, maybe not, if your hot tub is big enough!
  • Have some drinks for your guest. It is always best to make some cocktail prepared for your adult pool party. A big bowl full of punch is ideal.
  • Provide some light snacks like potato chips.
  • Have some music for the party; this will prevent your guest from being bored and dozing in the pool.
  • Make some cool pool party invitation cards to set up the mood even before the party starts.

In addition to this, it is wise to inform your guest that your party is an adult only pool party. This will prevent any awkward situation where a guest comes with his/her kid. Simply say upfront "NO KIDS ALLOWED".

Fresh and colorful basket of fruits(Photo rox sm via Flickr)

Prepare the surrounding area of your pool in. Clean up your garden. The first impression of your guest is always crucial.

Be creative in the arrangement of your refreshment area. You can include some brightly colored carved fruits bowl with the actual fruits. Give it a touch of festivity!

To get your guest in the mood for the party, float some relaxing, brightly colored loungers in the pool. Make the pool the most alluring place in the whole party.

At the day of your party it is always wise to include some pool games. An adult pool party requires adult themed games. Don't turn off your guest by playing some kiddies' game.

The good thing about adult pool parties is that some very naughty games can be played as well. Your guests will not be offended if they are open minded and having a good time.

Adult pool parties require less supervision compared to the kids' pool party. However, just be on the look out to prevent some nasty incidents where a wasted guest blacks out while in the pool.

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