A Welcome Sleepover Surprise

by Melanie
(Dallas TX)

(Photo from mcclouds)

When I was in middle school my friends and I liked to have sleepovers, eat too much candy, watch silly movies, and giggle a lot. Inevitably these sleepovers would devolve into a raucous game of truth or dare as the night wore on.

I remember one night in particular, when we were feeling extra silly. Girls usually started out with truth, and the questions were completely predictable-- "Who do you have a crush on?" or "Would you rather kiss Danny or Jake?"

Dares were more interesting. They usually started off goofy-- eat a banana with your eyes closed, or spin around ten times with your eyes closed.

Inevitably, though, the dares would turn… how can I say this? Naughty. I dare you to kiss someone. I dare you to show us your breasts. I dare you to take off your underwear. I dare you to take off all of your clothes and run around the house completely naked.

Yep, that’s the one I got. Not wanting to be branded a wuss by my friends (which was social suicide in middle school), I reluctantly stripped down and started my midnight sprint around the house.

I hadn’t realized that the neighbors outside lights were on motion sensors. As I ran by, each light came on one by one, illuminating my bright white butt for all to see!

Mortified, I quickly finished my mad dash around the house and made my way back to the side door I had started from. To my surprise, it was locked.

I could hear the giggles of my so called friends behind the door.

I knocked quietly. “Guys,” I whispered urgently, “let me in!”

More giggles.

They weren’t being particularly quiet, and I was afraid they would wake up my friend’s parents and we (especially I!) would be in big trouble.

Sure enough, that’s what happened. My friend’s dad woke up and came downstairs to investigate.

I absolutely did not want him to see me naked, so in desperation I picked up the welcome mat and tried to wrap it around myself like a towel.

It was way too small, in addition to being dirty and rather scratchy!

I ended up holding it in front of myself, as the light came on and my friend’s dad swung open the door to find me there, standing with no clothes whatsoever, holding a brown mat in front of myself with the words “Welcome” printed on it in big, black letters.

He looked stern and I was afraid I was in trouble. He didn’t say a word though, and ushered me into the house. I ran downstairs and dove into my sleeping bag, completely humiliated.

He never said anything to me about it, although for years when I would visit that friend’s house I could swear her dad was suppressing laughter each and every time he saw me, no doubt picturing my buck naked on his doorstep with nothing but a welcome mat for cover.

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Aug 09, 2014
fun never gets too old
by: Neo

Dad was just letting you know how to play dares properly since the neighbor is already involved =) I hope that doesn’t stop you from playing dares.. You would not want to miss half of your life’s fun—just do it once in a while though :D

Aug 08, 2014
A father's shock therapy
by: Francis

Hey Madison, thanks for joining with a great story. Wouldn't wanted to be you at that time though! :D

The risk of running into trouble like you did is half of the fun in doing harder dares. Hope you didn't lose your motivation in doing other dares - that can be just as challenging even if you keep your clothes on.

Aug 02, 2014
by: Madison

Something like that happened to me once. I was twelve and my friends and I were playing truth or dare. Just like in your story, the dares got wilder by the minute.

Finally, I was dared to go knock on my Friends door, who lived across the street from my house. But I had to be completely naked and I could only cover myself with my hands.

I totally forgot that she was gone away for the weekend.

There I was with my hands covering my private parts as her fourteen year old cousin answered the door. In shock and excitement he said nothing.

I, mortified just stood there in humiliation. Then out walked Baily's (the Friend) Dad.

He was shocked to, plus a little red faced. But I don't know why, I was the one Butt Naked on his door Step. With my head down and tears of shame starting to run down my cheeks he slowly walked me over to my House and made me ring my doorbell.

Then out pop's my brother and my Dad. Dad made me remove my hands and stand fully exposed to the rest of my friends who were in the basement by the way, and my brother.

I remained naked for about 15 more minutes. Never stripped naked for a dare again.

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