A Stripping Story of True or Dare

by Alan.

It was a summer day. The birds were signing and it was a new day upon earth. I remember it was hot out. I met up with all the neighbors. The boys were all dress in short sleeve shirts and shorts and for the girls, tops and skirts.

truth or dare stories girl stripping her clothesA Stripping Dare Story
(Photo from ontwerpplus via flickr)

All four of us, Me, Ally, Kate, and Richey talked for a while. We were trying to think of what we could do for the day. We talked about going to a friend's house, going to the neighbor's house to ask to use their pool, or riding our bikes to town.

Finally we decided on going into the woods and creek behind Richey's house. We used to hang there all the time. We found all sorts of weird things back there. We walked for a while till we found our spot by the creek where the underbrush made sort of a secret spot you couldn't get to without knowing the only entrance and exit.

I was sitting on a tree branch and Richey was leaning against the same branch. The two girls Ally and Kate were standing side by side across from us. After we settled down and got comfortable, we started talking about random things. The conversation got on the subject of truth or dare. We talked about the different things we've done and the things we turned down. I was the one to suggest that the four of us play. The game started off slow.

Who have you kissed, who do you like, all innocent questions. Then the game turned into more fun when I dared Kate to strip. She did and we all stared at her for a while. She had huge breasts and a nice figure. After I told her to do a couple spin around, so nothing could be kept from eye's view, I told her she could put her clothes back on.

men looking at stripperThese Guys love stripping Dares

She did and I could tell she was burning hot with embarrassment. I felt satisfied. I then told her it was her turn to ask the truth or dare. She did and she dared me to get naked and get on the floor to walk the dinosaur. As I undressed I took off my shirt and neatly folded it and then proceed to take my items out of my pockets of my pants.

First I took out my phone, then I reached into my other pocket to take out my change and my spaghetti fell out of my pocket! I was SO embarrassed. I said sorry and proceed to collect my spaghetti off the ground and blow off the dirt. As I bent down I farted and stated crying.

I looked up through my tears and my mom was standing there and she told me she was ashamed and said I was moving in with my auntie and uncle in Bell-air. After that day things went better than expected.

True Story.

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