A Nude Look - Regretful Daredevil's Moment

by Jennie Ceres
(California. USA)

(Photo from Alexi Parkin)

I was 18 years old when I did the most daring and embarrassing thing in my life. Looking back on it I see ways it’s funny and ways where it’s more of an embarrassment than anything. I was at my best friend’s house from Elliott Alternative School in Ceres.

It was around summer time and we were always having handfuls of friends over for kick backs. There was always alcohol around and my best friend, Jenny, and I would always have drinking contests. We've reached up to 25 shots in one sitting, so you can see just how drunk we would get.

Jenny and I were party girls and would always play random party games, such as "Truth or Dare". Jenny wanted to see how many of our female friends would take a wild dare, such as stripping down in the middle of her living room and running through her house naked.

Being the daredevil that I am, I stripped completely down in a room full of our friends. Sure enough I ran throughout her entire house, inside and out! I was so blacked out that night that I vaguely remembered it, leaving the embarrassing story my friends got to tease me about.

The funny thing is that there were more friends over that night than usual and some were friends of friends! So not only were some of my guy friends present, but there were people from my school whose first impression of me was naked.

Another funny thing to this story is I was very self conscious about my body and wouldn't change for gym in the locker rooms while others were around. Even though I was blacked out that night, I will never forget the time I ran through a room full of people while not wearing any of my clothes and my friends won’t let me forget it either.

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