A Naked Dare Got Me in Trouble

Be aware of police while performing naked dares

Be aware of police while performing naked dares

At 17 you make odd choices on what is fun and amusing, and look for anything to do outside your parents' house. That is what led us to the Catholic Seminary a mile away from my house.

It was centrally located so my friends and I after midnight would often go there to goof off. It was 2 or 3 o'clock on a Saturday night/Sunday morning, and we really felt we had nothing better to do than go drink at the Seminary.

My boyfriend's best friend drove his grandmother's Cadillac, big enough for all of us, it was a roomy tank. We decided a game of Truth or Dare was in order, and being a tomboy I always took the dare.

Being one of only a couple of girls in the car, it also meant the dares were intended on getting me naked. After a half of a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 I was ready for my final dare: a naked run around the campus.

It's only a quarter of a mile or so, so I gladly take the dare. Giggling and out of breath I run back toward the car. I reach in for my bottle when I am blinded by red and blue lights.

I dive into the car and in one move grab my boyfriend's jacket to cover up. Flashlights shine in the window,

"What are you kids up to so late???"

The driver comes up with a cover story about flat tires and resting after changing it and explained that the boy in the passenger's seat is the son of a detective.

I had trouble hearing because I had three flashlights shining on me in the back as I tried to hold the jacket in place and reach my ID on the floor. The cops took all of our ID's, but only called in 2, mine and the son of a brother in blue.

I was clean and Larry's dad vouched for him, so we were followed by the blue and red lights as Ben (the driver) was instructed. The officers wanted to personally see everyone gets home safely. Graciously, Ben took me home last, giving me time to slyly redress before being dropped off.

With lights rolling, shining and reflecting into my house, the officer called me over to his car to give me back my license, grabbed my hand and said:

"Ladies don't get naked in cars with boys. Don't make me have to wake your father."

After that, Truth or Dare was saved for basement parties.

Photos from D.C.Atty and graafik

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