A Game of Sexy Truth or Dare Turned into a Lifetime Memory

by Corina
(Chicago, IL)

(Photo from Haleyface)

My name is Corina. I live in Chicago, IL. I'm 25 years old.

Well, a couple of years ago I was at a party at my friend Lynn's apartment. There were quite a few people there, but not so many so that the place was completely crowded.

People were kind of broken off into small groups talking and doing their own thing. Lynn and I were sitting around her dining room table talking about our exes I believe when our friend Anfrony came over and joined the conversation.

He motioned over for his friends Mando and Jason to come join in as well since he insisted they had great stories about a girl they had both once dated. Lynn and I laughed and made jokes about how they had shared "cooties".

Sure we acted a little childish, but how else could such a hilarious and memorable truth or dare experience arise?

Lynn had the idea to start asking the guys the truth or dare questions. It wasn't long until the game turned a little sexual. Anfrony dared the girls to name the craziest place they had ever had sex.

Such a typical guy question. The beer made it so much easier to talk about it and we all laughed at each answer. I can only really remember two answers besides my own of course.

This girl Tiffany who had joined the game said she once had sex in her grandma's back yard, on a swing set they had, and behind the pool while people were home. I can't see how they didn't get caught, and for some reason I felt excited for her.

Lynn said it was on the side of her garage with her boyfriend at the time. Unfortunately for her, her dad caught them and threatened to shoot the boyfriend, but settled for calling the cops. The guy ran and got away, but that story was quite thrilling.

Poor Lynn, I thought, she must've been so distraught and humiliated then, and probably never imagined that she would be sharing it and laughing at it in years to come.

My story was pretty cool, but sounded like a cliché porn or romantic comedy movie, sort of.

I had a boyfriend when I was a teenager that lived a few houses down from the public library. I had my parents drop me off there a few days a week after school to get some studying done, and hang out with my then boyfriend.

We had been dating on and off for a couple of years. Well, to make the long story short, we ended up finding the lonely History section in the library one day, and well we started making out and one thing led to another.

We didn't get caught. We did the same maybe three other times without getting caught. I have not been to the library since.

When it was Tiffany's turn to dish out the truth or dare, she chose me. She actually dared me to kiss Jason.

Throughout the game we kind of clicked and had some chemistry, Tiffany being a kind of "matchmaker" by nature, caught on and dared me to do it.

I really wanted to and by that time I was on probably my fifth beer, so it made it a little easier. I was so nervous, but I'm so glad I did it. We exchanged numbers at the end of the night, and he called the next day to see if I wanted to see a movie with him sometime. I said yes.

This turned into a really good friendship really fast, and within a couple of months we were dating. We never intended for it to happen, but we actually fell in love. We have been together for 3 years. We have that truth or dare game to thank.

It's a memory we both like to reminisce about and laugh at from time to time.

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