A Bare Dare

by Shannon Chen
(Florida, US)

A Naked Dare Story

A Naked Dare Story


This is a story from my wild high school days, the first weekend I ever tried alcohol! I was on vacation with one of my girlfriends and her family for a week. We had met these two guys on the island we were staying on, and had been having a great time with them the whole vacation.

The last night of our stay, we wanted to do something crazy to remember each other. We decided to play the craziest game of truth or dare we could come up with. There are a lot of stories to tell from that night, but the craziest is a dare I did with my friend Jen.

One of the guys dared me to take off all my clothes and go streaking down the street. I said, I would do it, but on the condition that Jen would come with me as well. Then one of the other guys said that if she was going to come along, we had to ding dong ditch one of the neighboring houses.

We thought, what the heck, it was about 1o'clock in the morning and by the time anyone got to the door we'd be long gone. We were so wrong. We stripped off all our clothes and began our run up the street.

The guys had picked out a house for us to ding dong ditch beforehand. We got up to the door and rang the doorbell. Not five seconds later, a man was at the door and his WHOLE FAMILY was behind him! Kids and all.

I guess they had been up late playing a game in the living room, right next to the front door! Well they called the cops on us, and we spent the rest of the night watching from the bushes as two police searched the area! Definitely a night I will never forget.

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