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Great Dares for Guys and Girls

Tie him/her up and blindfold him/her. Then do whatever you want to. (by Anonymous Visitor) Dare your friend to go to a neighbors house and ask for their

Continue reading "Great Dares for Guys and Girls"

Freezing Cold Double Dares

Kawi's awesome double dares with ice cubes and snow! Give us more freezing dares to do!

Continue reading "Freezing Cold Double Dares"

Anna and Sarah's Diaper Dare Stories

Anna's crazy dares often involve diapers and going to the toilet in them. Check them out, but be warned because the dares are pretty extreme...

Continue reading "Anna and Sarah's Diaper Dare Stories "

Nude in a Couple of Malls

These were really a dare I gave myself. I am an exhibitionist, so I hope these are appropriate here. The first one is in this country. I live within a

Continue reading "Nude in a Couple of Malls"

Wrestling Dare Stories

Who doesn't like wrestling dare stories especially when there is the opposite sex involved. Read here some of the very best wrestling dare stories.

Continue reading "Wrestling Dare Stories"

Fuck Marry Kill - Creative Ways to Play the Game

Start flirting, entertaining and having fun with each other with the icebreaker game Fuck Marry Kill. It can be played everywhere! Share your stories about this game here.

Continue reading "Fuck Marry Kill - Creative Ways to Play the Game"

Naked at School :(

Hi, I'm Ashley, I'm 19 and this is the embarrassing story of my 1st day at a new school yesterday . I'd just moved to Edinburgh from New York and it was

Continue reading "Naked at School :("

Locked out naked and humiliated

Today I was at my friend Sophie’s house and we decided to play Strip Rock Paper Scissors. After a few rounds, I was feeling pretty confident as I was still

Continue reading "Locked out naked and humiliated "


Collection of creative dare ideas for a growing list of awesome dares. Have fun and if you have your own idea for a dare, share it here!

Continue reading "truth-or-dare-ideas1"

Naked Walk At the Golf Club.

This is Susan, I am back with my first nude dare and walk of 2016. This walk, I was with my sister Betty. ( not her real name). My sister Betty has just

Continue reading "Naked Walk At the Golf Club. "

Painful Wedgie Dare XD

Hi, I'm Dez and I'm 14. I got this dare from my wedgie buddy and so I want to share it. She dared me to wedgie myself from a tree and to make it worse

Continue reading "Painful Wedgie Dare XD"

I Walked Nude to the Post Office

This is Susan, I am back with my first nude dare and walk of 2016. This walk, I was with my sister Betty. ( not her real name). My sister Betty has just

Continue reading "I Walked Nude to the Post Office"

Funny Wedgie Stories

Have you ever got a wedgie or wedgied someone? Read and share your funny wedgie stories here.

Continue reading "Funny Wedgie Stories"

Truth or Dare to the Max

Truth or Dare to the Max is a series of naked truth or dare stories submitted by a visitor who named himself as a King of Dares. Read these interesting truth or dare ideas and share your thoughts in the comments.

Continue reading "Truth or Dare to the Max"

Ultimate Dare For A Stranger

We were playing a different type of truth or dare, mainly dares. We name it ULTIMATE DARE! It's whenever we meet each night is someone's turn... Where

Continue reading "Ultimate Dare For A Stranger "

Swing Wedgie - I Like Getting Wedgies

I really like getting wedgied, and so one day I decided to give myself one. I was tired of giving myself the same old regular wedgie like usual, so this

Continue reading "Swing Wedgie - I Like Getting Wedgies"

Red Door, Yellow Door, Any other Color Door!

INFO: for this game all you'll need is 1 person as you guest to play. They have to remain silent and only nod there head and get up in their mind. STEP

Continue reading "Red Door, Yellow Door, Any other Color Door!"

Naked on a public beach

John and I went to a local lake. Due to the floods we had early spring, this lake was closed during the spring and summer. After Labor Day, the park service

Continue reading "Naked on a public beach"

Naked in hotel hallway - Part 2

On our last day in Dallas, John had one last dare for me. We had to leave early at 4:00 am. On a Sunday morning, we were on the 15th floor. I don't know

Continue reading "Naked in hotel hallway - Part 2"

Funny dare list read and share your funniest dares here

Let’s make the funniest list of dares available on the web. Simply share your creative funny dares here or read other visitors’ embarrassing Dare experiences.

Continue reading "Funny dare list read and share your funniest dares here"

A Walk in the Park - Part 2

If you see my earlier post A Walk in the park, you know I went naked at night in a city park with fall and winter not too far away. John and I viewed

Continue reading "A Walk in the Park - Part 2"

A Joke Turn In to a Naked Dare

If you have read my other post, I love to go nude in public locations. After I did my nude walk to the courthouse, my boyfriend John was joking with me

Continue reading "A Joke Turn In to a Naked Dare"

Treehouse Sleepover Dares

When I was age 9 through 14 or so, my friends and I would have sleep overs at my friend’s treehouse. Our game of choice was always Dare. (We did not provide

Continue reading "Treehouse Sleepover Dares"

Naked bet

About 8 yrs ago me and my wife planned a 3 day getaway at a resort at Lake of the Ozarks. At the last minute my wife said her bff just broke up with her

Continue reading "Naked bet"


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