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  • Shave someplace you never have shaved before
Girl is dared to shave her face
  • Tell a bad joke in a really enthusiastic way
  • Carry the person to your left around the room
  • Get someone to kiss you anywhere they choose
  • Choose someone's lap to sit on for 10 minutes
  • Do two new dares now! You may skip one dare later on
  • Keep a finger in your mouth for the next dare
  • Put an auction on eBay selling old dirty socks
  • Put on your bathrobe and run around the block
  • Say two really nice things about every player
  • Improvise a rap about a person of your choice
  • Give the first person to enter the room a kiss
  • Sing a really hard song with a romantic voice
  • Wear diapers (real or made from toilet paper)
Young girl kissing a dog
  • Pretend the pet is your crush and ask it out
  • Choose a male player and paint his fingernails
  • Go to your neighbor and ask for a toilet brush
  • Imitate a chicken AND a horse at the same time
  • Imitate a monkey AND a donkey at the same time
  • Put on your favorite song and dance like crazy
  • Say the alphabet backwards as fast as possible
  • You have to use a foreign accent for 5 minutes
  • Flash someone and make it look like an accident
  • Tell someone honestly what you think of them
  • Bare your feet and have them tickled by everyone
  • Draw a bunny on your face without using a mirror
  • Gently blow in the ear of the person next to you
  • Perform gymnastics in tight clothes or in public
  • Put shaving cream on your eyebrows (Don't shave)
  • Sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" with all the actions
  • Wear clothes that are way too hot for the season
  • Do a hot belly dance in the circle of the players
  • Doorbell prank your neighbor next door five times
  • Go outside and wave to everyone passing for 5 min
  • Go outside, stand on the sidewalk and sing a song
  • Imitate a celebrity chosen by the group for 5 min
  • Imitate the first funny dance you find on YouTube
  • Prank call a pizza service and ask if this is 911
  • Speak with a fake accent for the rest of the game
  • Swap a piece of clothing with your left neighbor
  • Try to do the splits and stay like that for 1 min
Girl in towels holding many tissue paper rolls
  • Pretend you are doing a striptease for 60 seconds
  • Swap a piece of clothing with your right neighbor
  • Go to your neighbor and ask for some toilet paper
  • Call your parents and ask if they believe in aliens
  • Each time you say "everything", you have to sing it
  • Eat a spoon of salt, chili and sugar mixed together
  • Skip backwards in a circle and sing a childish song
  • Call your crush and sing "Last Christmas" to him/her
  • Change into ripped or mismatched clothes for an hour

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