My husband's wrestling dare

by Christy
(New Orleans, LA)

Hi my name is Christy...I just found this forum, and thought it would be a good place to post a recent experience I had as a result of a dare made to me by my husband...he told me that if things didn't work out the way I was planning, he wanted me to make this story public as part of the dare, so, here it is...

My husband Brad and I are both in our mid-20's, and are both in fairly good shape from working out, jogging, etc. We also enjoy wrestling each other, mostly just for exercise and fun. Recently, he and I were hosting a party for ourselves and two other couples, and Brad started talking about the wrestling "matches" he and I had. He said they were fun for both of us, but that he could easily beat me if we wrestled with the intention of trying to win. That made me pretty mad, and I told him so. I told him I thought I could beat him just as easily. So, he dared me to wrestle him in front of the two other couples, and that the loser would have to strip, him in front of me and the other girls, me in front of him and the other guys. He also said that if the win was by submission, the loser would also have to kiss the feet and the ass of the winner. Since I am pretty competitive, and usually did fairly well in our weekly matches, I accepted his dare.

So we set up our wrestling mat in the living room for our match, and then went to our "dressing rooms" to change into our wrestling attire. I wore a bra and panties, while he had on nothing but a pair of briefs. Once the match started, we each tried to take each other down, and, since like many women, the strongest part of my body is my legs, I tried several times to lock him into a leg hold, but he kept managing to avoid me. Meanwhile, he tried to use his upper body strength and weight advantage against me, but I was able to stay out of his efforts as well. Brad has more patience than I do though, and soon I became frustrated at not being able to take him down. So I took a chance. I tried rushing him to give myself some momentum, thinking I could knock him off balance, get him down, and lock a leg hold on him. It turned out to be a big mistake, because he caught me as I came in, using my momentum against me, by lifting his knee and slamming it into my midsection. I fell to the floor hard stomach first, and before I could regain my feet, he was on me. He straddled me from behind, using his weight to hold me down, then twisted my head, neck, and shoulders into a painful submission hold. Brad asked me if I had had enough, but because I still thought I could escape, at first I said no. I struggled and fought, trying to break out of the hold, but I couldn't get free. The other guys were yelling for Brad to keep the pressure going. The idea of having to admit defeat was humiliating, and even though my girlfriends were yelling encouragement to me, the pain was too much, so when he asked me a second time if I had had enough, I had no other choice but to submit. He released me from the hold, and while he and the other guys cheered in victory, my girlfriends tried to console me while I tried my best to fight back my tears.

Brad then told me to get down on the floor and kiss his feet, then he pulled his underpants down while I kissed his ass. Then, he had the other girls leave the room, while I stripped off my bra and panties in front of him and the other guys. It was the most humiliating experience of my life.

Comments from the Webmaster

Hey Christy, way to complete a dare by submitting this captivating dare story! Although I feel your pain, it's awesome how you describe your story - feels almost like an action movie.

Did you ever beat your man before, or was it a lost cause before you even started? Did nobody want to trick?

I am by far no expert, but when I think of wrestling, some dirty tricks come to mind. I could have imagined you giving one of the ladies a "women-telepathy-eye-message" to make her trip him, or tickle him or something like that.

Was the battle too dangerous for any one to jump in between you?

Anyway, please don't be too embarrassed. The guys had some fun, that does not mean that you cannot have some payback time! The next time he loses a dare, get really creative with your revenge dares!

Please let me know when you need more tips to get him back in the comments, I'm sure there are some fun things to do for him that might be a little more embarrassing than just stripping.

*evil grin*

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Jan 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

This has to be one of the most epic dares I have ever read. :D
When I am married, I hope to have someone who will be as crazy as that!!

Apr 08, 2012
My wife wrestle me
by: Anonymous

Let me share my story. I'm married for 15 years with two kids. My wife is a very nice and gentle person. In the beginning of our marriage I started to bring up the wrestling between us and we have wrestled sometimes.

She has real strength, she can push my arms up behind my head holding my wrists and I am not able to change it or free myself. Both of us realized soon, that she is much stronger then me. She was doing kayak for several years.

I win the armwrestling but that's it. If we wrestle, she always wins.
If we start from kneeling, she grabs my wrists and bends my arms behind me or grabs my neck with one arm and pulls my arm and twists me to the mat. Than she sits on me and from then I can't push her off.

Then she pushes my arms up and simply turns me on the side and turns her body over me. I can't do much aginst it because she has a tremendous strength.

Now she is faster, experienced and can do anything with me what she wants. If she wants to sit on my chest or on my face she can do it. I work hard to resist, but she just smiles down at me and tells me, that it is futile.

We can be in any position, she can move my arms wherever she wants.
She and I just writhe bcan tickle me etween her hands. I think she enjoys it too because if we are together, she always starts to dominate me.

Now She knows her own power over me so if we start to play with each other, I see on her face and eyes that she is the dominant person in our play. She has a very nice personality, but she says, that: "You wanted this to happen to you, now you're getting it. You taught me how to wrestle". She stays in the dominant position all the time.

Apr 08, 2012
Thanks for your hot story :D
by: Francis

Dear anonymous visitor, thanks for leaving your story here. It sounds really hot, and you are one happy husband to have found such a nice and stimulating wife :D

I'll be sure to highlight this post again so that your comment will be seen!

Apr 09, 2012
Way to go
by: Ben the daredevil

Nice job, and at least you tried. And I'm glad to hear you lived up to your promise and didn't chicken out. Dare contests are my kinda thing. Truth or dare is ok, but I don't like to give anyone the option ;)

Anyway, nice story. I might have to try that out with my girlfriend. That'll get things hot! -.-'

Thanks for sharing. Even telling the story takes guts. I'm proud. And that takes alot. Ask Francis. ;)

Ben, the daredevil

Nov 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

You gave it your best, next time you will win. My situation has been a bit different than yours. I am 5'4 128lbs 43 years old now, my soon to be ex husband is 5'6 165lbs and 46 years old. Over the years we have wrestled each other, it is fun, great exercise and great foreplay.

The very first time we wrestled was about 14 years ago and it was fairly lopsided in my favor from start to finish. Hubby was shocked and surprised, but i was not. I am very competitive, a tomboy growing up with a gymnastics and swimming back ground. We wrestled a couple of times after that, though not as lopsided as the first, i won them. Then life got busy and we just didn't wrestle and it was 10 years later that he brought it up. Apparently it left a huge mark on his ego that I defeated him years earlier.

So, as a couple trying to "work on our relationship" a few years ago, i put something sexy on and we wrestled again. At this time I was 39 and on a pretty consistent and good workout program. He was 42 and not working out. I dominated him throughout the match. Over the next few months we wrestled more, though they got more competitive i won them all (except 1 draw due to an interruption). His male ego finally accepted and he has accepted his losses with a good attitude but his competitive nature and wanting to get that 1st win, he still wanted to wrestle.

As we discussed our matches it became clear to us that there were several things that made a difference in our matches. 1 my flexibility and his lack of. he would think he had me and i would bend and twist and move my body and trap him in my legs. legs- are very strong and i would burn little energy trapping him in them reducing his airflow and him spending alot of energy trying to get free. 3.endurance/stamina- i would simply outlast him here and wear him down, especially in our older years. These advantages definately more than offset his 2 inches in height he has on me and the 30-40lbs.I have a 11-0-1 record against him. Our last match was a year ago Oct, i had not been working out as hard as i was previously and he had started working out. He thought he could finally score a win and at one point in the match I thought he would. I was in a bad position but again managed to get my legs up around his head and had a good grip on one arm, just like that the match changed and we both knew it. We had been going at it for 25 minutes and he was beyond exhausted. i heard a moan of frustration from him when i trapped his head. I managed to turn that into me sitting on his chest, arms pinned under my knees for my 11th win and a continued undefeated record against him.

And if your wondering, this had nothing to do with why we are not together right now, i never lost respect for him and i do miss certain aspects to our marriage, and i do miss the wrestling :).

Dec 08, 2012
To the now single lady who won against her ex
by: Anonymous

I would love to wrestle with you...if you are anywhere near Ohio I hope you read this and reach out. To Christy...good job for your dare and following through. Keep at it and you will take him. I love to wrestle with females (and can't wait for my current very strong girlfriend to loosen up and tangle with me)

Nov 06, 2013

by: Only judo black belt win

I like a wrestling match with a w.p.c policewoman 3matchs never beaten by a lady i am 42 years old 5feet 8 tall 11 stone or any lady

May 30, 2014
I destroyed my ex-BF's sexist ego when we wrestled
by: Anonymous


I just wanted to say how excited I was to see so many women talk about beating their husbands or exes at wrestling. For a while I thought I was the only one!

I had taken a couple of semesters of Judo in college (about 2 years ago), and was telling my (now ex) BF about it one day, thinking he would be impressed. Instead he laughed in my face and said he couldn't imagine me possibly doing Judo (I look very "girly", I guess...I have long hair, I'm tall, about 5'9", but only weigh about 135 lbs., yet I've always kept in shape and am wiry-strong, even if I don't have obvious muscles or anything.) So he was saying all this totally sexist crap and I start getting really mad but waited til he was done and then I calmly challenged him to a wrestling match. Of course he protested at first and said he didn't want to hurt me yada yada but then when I said "are you afraid of losing to a girl?" he got mad and said he would teach me a lesson & we cleared the room of furniture and after I tied my hair back in a pony tail we got to it.

Much like another woman on this thread talked about I won by wearing him down. He was 5'10" and probably about 170 lbs. but I kept away from him most of the match and used some well-time leg sweeps to take him down, but I didn't engage him on the floor until i saw his breath getting labored and when he was slow to get up after a few more throws (I sent him once flying over my hip and that really took the wind out of him.) When I saw he was totally winded I got down and got my legs around his torso and straightened them out until he looked like he was going to pass out...then I rolled on top and pinned his wrists behind his head and got my legs on his biceps and he was finished. I made him admit he lost to a girl before letting him up and I think he almost started crying before saying it!

He got really pissy for weeks after and kept challenging me to a rematch and I refused until finally I got sick of his whining and I beat him again. It wasn't long after that that we broke up b/c he just couldn't deal with knowing his GF was able to take him in a fair fight. But I got in one more lick when I bumped into him at a party months later and he was drunk and called me a 'bitch' and I said in front of everyone "you're just saying that b/c I beat you in a wrestling match--twice", and everyone had a great laugh as I told them the story!

Jun 01, 2014
That sounds intense
by: Francis

Interesting story, seems like your ex really needed that lesson for his a-bit-to-big ego.

Sad that it led to a breakup though. If you tell this story to your friends, look out that they don't dare you to show of your skills in wrestling again.

Although I think you will do well (and have fun) if that happens!

Jun 05, 2014
Dare out of hand
by: Daenerys

I think the wrestling part is okay as it is just a 'healthy competition'. But allowing your husband stripping you off in front of his friends and considering they're your friends, too--is way too far to be calling it a dare. That's not just cool!

Sep 03, 2014
My wife couldn't beat me, but her friend could
by: Anonymous

Years ago I got into a friendly tussle over the TV remote with BJ, a lady who had been my wife's roommate. I grabbed it and tried to hold it out of her reach, but BJ jumped on me and got me in a headlock and dragged me off the couch onto the floor. I tried to push her off me, but in a couple of minutes was flat on my back with her pinning my arms with her knees. I wanted a rematch so I could even the score, but what I got was some bruises and a sprained shoulder. I did my best, but BJ was on top from the start and got me in a full nelson. I was facedown on the carpet with her on top, and when I wouldn't give up she tightened the nelson until I was afraid she was going to dislocate my shoulder, which made me submit. I had to admit she was a really strong lady, and she proved it again on several occasions.

Sep 03, 2014
Get yourself buff
by: Neo

Do you think she’s really a woman? Or maybe she was a “HE” in the past :D

My advice, you probably need to hit the gym right away and get started for a payback because as to what you’ve described, she’s a pretty tough lady.

Sep 04, 2014
HaHa, not a "He", definitely female and strong
by: Anonymous

I was too small for football or basketball, played tennis and was always kind of skinny. BJ was a tomboy as a girl, worked out a lot, and did 100 mile bike rides, so she had some muscles. My wife liked to tease me about it and got BJ to show her some holds, but my wife wasn't very strong and I had no trouble beating her. I wrestled BJ quite a few times, but usually with only my wife watching and acting as referee. A couple of times there were other women present, but they were friends and I only had to endure some good natured teasing. The only time I was really embarrassed was during a party at our house, after a few tequila shots. BJ had told some of the women about beating me at wrestling, and one of them said she'd like to see that. I tried to laugh it off, but BJ and a couple of the women cleared some space in the den and goaded me into a match. By the time word got around the house and everyone came to the den, BJ was on top and I was trying to fight her off. I could hear the guys yelling encouragement and urging me to do something while the women cheered BJ on. I managed to get her in a headlock and hung on to keep her from wrestling me onto my back, but BJ got an arm under me and suddenly lifted and rolled onto her back, putting me in a cradle. I kept struggling, but she scissored my other leg and there was nothing I could do but give up. I'm glad this was before everyone had a smartphone with a camera or I'd still be finding pics and videos of it on the internet. As it was, I was embarrassed that a few of my guy friends had watched me get beat, but only had to take a little good natured kidding from them. I got more grief from the women and a couple of them wanted to take me on, but I avoided that by saying I was too tired.

Sep 04, 2014
Be optimist :D
by: Neo

Whoa.. That sounds pretty intense and a terrifying lady. She’s more like an adrenaline junkie. But, you know it’s never too late to get that core get buff and strong.

Good thing to know that she’s a “SHE” after all :D

Sep 05, 2014
Strip Wresting Dare
by: Francis

You had *more* women asking to wrestle with you? They can't all be that super strong, right?

You could have turned it up a notch, and asked for a "prize" to wrestle with you.

Or dare them to strip down if they lose...

Be brave, it's not the stronger who wins, but the person with the most fun ideas and humor!

Dec 06, 2014
Old girlfriend beat me in front of my wife
by: Anonymous

I came home one evening to find my wife, BJ and another woman drinking margaritas and talking. I recognized the other woman as Sharon, a woman I'd dated a few years before, but hadn't seen since I dumped her to pursue her older sister. BJ told me Sharon had moved into her apartment complex and they found they had some friends in common. After a while Sharon said she hadn't known I liked to wrestle women, then grinned at BJ and said "I mean lose to women." After they had a good laugh, BJ said that since I couldn't beat her, I should wrestle Sharon since she was about my size. I was 5'10" 140lbs at the time and Sharon was also 5'10 but 120lbs and not muscular like BJ, so I had no doubts that I would beat her easily. We started on out knees and I quickly wrestled her down to the carpet, but as I worked her onto her back, Sharon got her long legs around me and secured a body scissors. As I struggled to free myself from her scissors, we rolled around and Sharon managed to get on top, straddling my hips. As I struggled to push her off and get free, Sharon kept tying me up with her arms and legs, riding me around the carpet as BJ cheered her on. Sharon wasn't strong like BJ, but she was relentless and totally dominated me for several minutes. Sharon finally got get me in a body scissors and headlock and just kept squeezing until I finally had to tapout. Sharon laughed and did a little victory dance, BJ and my wife celebrated with her and I was embarrassed she'd done it so quickly. I may have gotten drunk or something else happened that evening, but we didn't wrestle again, so Sharon won 1-0. It wasn't like I was depressed about it, more like when your heavily favored team loses to the team who hasn't won a game all season, so she agreed to a rematch the next weekend. I was eager to beat Sharon, but not as confident as she was, it seemed. The rematch was more embarrassing for me than the first match and I was glad only my wife saw it because Sharon made me tapout twice and then submitted me to make it 4-0. Wrestling with BJ and most other women was just for fun and losing was no big deal, but the losses to Sharon were humiliating and I didn't ask for another rematch. I assumed Sharon had her revenge because she teased me a couple of times about it later, but didn't push it and neither did I.

Jan 27, 2015
women power
by: kumar

I asked my wife after marriage if she would mind indulging in wrestling to which she readily agreed.In the first few months it always used to be equal with both fighting hard and each one winning at times.
Slowly i realised with the passage of time she had picked up the moves and had a greater speed and top of all things she hated to loose and if i ever won i knew what i was in for the next time we wrestled.
Slowly it became a one sided affair with me winning a few rounds but she the ultimate match.We would fight a fifteen round match and she would win it by a score of 10-5 on an average and my worst loss to her was 13-2 i still remember.
one day we decided to fight a 25 round match and i lost 22-3 the worst loss i suffered.
She challenged me to a non stop match one night till one submits and i resisted and fought well for nearly an hour but after that it was like a cat mouse game and she trapped me in her thighs and rolled me all over at her will but still i hung on and that brought more pressure on me .i was just struggling to stay in the match.She then broke a momentary hold i had gained and trapped my head in her thighs and started applying pressure in a scissor fold and slowly i was struggling for breath and then i gave up but she did not release me for the whole night that day and i had no option but to lay down trapped.The main reason i realised for her wins was her speed and her tremendous control and power in her thighs.i had a chance till i was not trapped but once trapped it was all over.I Never felt bad loosing to her and we always treated it like a sport and while fighting always fought like opponents.

Jan 27, 2015
Thanks for your great stories!
by: Francis

Kumar, and also all other visitors that have shared great stories of wrestling with your partners:

I just wanted to say "Thank you!" for taking the time to share your stories!

I think we are on our way of creating a huge collection of wrestling stories (with your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend) that obviously many other visitors are enjoying reading!

Jan 28, 2015
My husband set me up
by: Kelly

Hi, I'm Kelly, my husband's name is Jason. After reading the story and comments, I thought I would share my own husband/wife wrestling experience. Jason and I wrestle each other fairly regularly for fun and to get some exercise, and more often than not, I usually win. Recently, though, Jason dared me to wrestle a competitive match for a wager. The match could be won by either pinfall or submission. The loser would become the winner's slave, and be forced to do anything the winner said. I said it sounded interesting and fun, so I agreed. I already knew I could win, since I did most of the time anyway, so I started putting together a list of things for Jason to do after the match. As for what he had in mind for me, I was fairly certain it involved me having to "service" him sexually.

We checked our schedules to make sure we would have an entire weekend with free schedules, and decided to have the match on a Friday evening two weeks later since we each had free schedules that weekend, and therefore that would give us the whole weekend to either collect on, or pay off, the bet. A few days before Friday, Jason started telling me that he had a "surprise" for me. I laughed it off, since I figured his so-called "surprise" involved his plans for me should he win, and I already had a good idea what he had in mind. So, when we got home from work Friday evening, we changed into our workout clothes, and prepared for our match. After we each reminded the other of the terms of the bet, we started the match.

For the first few minutes, the match was fairly routine. We exchanged holds we had each used a number of times before. We each attempted pinfalls on the other, but we each got out of them. But then, Jason managed to trip me by sweeping my legs, causing me to fall pretty hard. He hovered over me, and assuming he was going for another pinfall attempt, I readied myself to kick out. But, instead of trying to pin me, he grabbed my right leg and grapevined it. Then, he grabbed my other leg, and bent it, putting his own leg over it. It was then that I realized what he was doing, but by then, it was too late. He locked me in the figure four leglock, a hold he had never before used in any of our matches. As he finished cinching the hold on, he grinned and said, "surprise, sweetie!" I was trapped, and I fought as hard I could, but after a couple minutes of not being able to escape, I couldn't withstand the hold any more, so I had no choice but to submit. Jason told me after the match that he and a work buddy had been sparring during their lunch break, and after telling his buddy his idea of betting on a match with me, his buddy had showed him how to apply an effective figure four. After he had perfected the hold, then he brought up the idea to me. Jason had set me up perfectly, and I spent the next 48 hours as his sex slave.

Apr 22, 2015
by: kUMAR

what i realized within a short period of starting to wrestle my wife was that one should not underestimate the power of a woman. She wrestles more ferociously as if to prove a point.

while i never felt bad loosing to her she would fight with double ferocity the next time if she ever lost to me and develop some new and surprising moves. The biggest strength i released was her thigh lock and once applied i had no option but to surrender.

After a year i could never win any match against her because i had no answer to her swiftness and the scissor thigh lock. At times i felt i was like a mouse trying to wriggle out of a cats hold.

once we were fighting a submission match and despite competing for two hours she applied the scissor hold and squeezed me into submission. Had i not submitted she would have made me unconscious.

Apr 30, 2015
women power
by: Anonymous

A Close friend informed me after marriage that my one should be careful of getting trapped in a ladies thigh lock and if my wife trapped me I would not be able to free myself. I treated it like a joke till I realised what he meant when we started wrestling. I was always surprised by the speed at which my wife moved and always managed to free myself from my hold and reverse trap me and choke me into submission.

With passing time I realised she was growing stronger and I was hoping against hope that I will win. If I ever did win I had to pay a heavy price in the next match where I would struggle to even fight.

For her loosing ever was something she could not digest till she did not beat me in the next match. She even maintained a record of our matches and I was surprised when she showed me in the first year I had won 40 percent of the matches, 30 in the next year and from the 3rd year my victory was reduced to 2 matches out of 100.

I could never win against her in a continuous submission match for she always managed to squeeze me into submission by applying the scissor hold. It was me who encouraged her to wrestle after marriage and never imagined it will become a one sided affair in such a short time.

Still I never felt bad loosing to her for she turned out to be a better fighter in the long run and deserved to win. She has at times crushed and squeezed me to a point that if I had nit surrendered I would have lost consciousness.

Real thigh power .

May 01, 2015
A mix of danger and hotness
by: Francis

The more I read (and enjoy reading!) these wrestling stories, the more hot I find the idea of wrestling with your significant other.

If that is not on the table, how do you go around convincing your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife to suddenly take up wrestling?

In a playful way, and then it gets serious, as a competition with "prizes" or something like that?

Keep 'em coming! :)

Sep 08, 2015
Accept the reality
by: Kumar

Some males find it difficult to accept that they can loose to a girl but I have never found this to be unnatural as my wife has won more than 90 percent of the time for years we wrestled after marriage.

Initially we were fighting at par but with time I realized she hated to loose, had developed better speed and techniques and at times could beat me at will. The main weapon I could never overcome was her powerful thighs and once trapped the only way to get free was to surrender and accept defeat. One day she challenged me to a fight to the finish i.e non stop till one surrendered. We fought for nearly two hours but suddenly I realized I was beginning to struggle to stay in the match and she began trapping me at will. I was not giving up and that was perhaps irritating her.

She decided to go for the final kill and despite me trying to move away she suddenly had my neck wrapped me in hey thighs and began rolling around the bed and then with a sudden scissor hold began squeezing me. I was struggling for breath and she was pressing me to unconsciousness. I had to surrender, she kept me trapped in her thighs whole night and released me the very next day only. I must admit she was a better opponent and I never felt ashamed or humiliated in loosing to her. I had named her thunder thighs.

Sep 16, 2015
My husband and I wrestling
by: Clwtmw

My husband and I use to wrestle when we were dating & at first when we got married. Now we don't do it too much. I kind of want to start wrestling with him again cause its great exercise and foreplay too. I don't mind if he wins. I always seem to think I can win, but most of the time he puns me down. It's still fun. Wrestling makes marriages interesting.

Mar 06, 2016
Strong wife.
by: JeffeAnonymous

My wife started working out a couple times a week. She is about an inch taller and weighs about 25 more lbs. than me. I have an office job and don't do much as far as exercise. It didn't take very long to see she had gotten stronger than me. It was great, she lifted me and wrestled me. I was no match for her. She loved carrying me over her shoulders and dominating in the bedroom.

Mar 10, 2016
I lose my breath
by: Anonymous

My wife once wrestled with me although she is stronger than me. One day she squeezed me in her legs. I submit but she keeps on laughing and keeps on tightening her legs. After 2 seconds I was out and my breath was stopped. When I was 5 years old I had breathing problem.

Lol when I open my eye I found myself in a hospital. After 2 minutes my wife and my parents came in and my wife keeps on crying and asked from me to forgive her. I told her that it's my mistake I had to tell her that I had a breathing problem. Now she never wrestles with me.

Mar 13, 2016
love to challange
by: Anonymous

Never could get my wife to wrestle with me. Says she's to week. Just does not have the strength. I have to respect that. But would love to challange a female friend who is quite younger. I am sure i would beat her. Situation is, i'm married and she has a boyfriend.

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