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Truth or Dare Magazine, Issue #004 – Dares for Guys– if you have the balls!
December 04, 2011

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Contents of this issue

  1. Dares for Guys
  2. How to Get Girls - to play Truth or Dare
  3. Create your own page here
  4. We listen to your wishes
  5. Featured visitor's submission

Dares for Guys

This issue, the guys get some tough love. It was Bro-vember, after all. Yes I know, I am late, but I did some heavy “research”/partying myself.

The next time you play Truth or Dare, here are some ideas what you guys can be dared to do. Not all are that bad, but each and everyone sure is fun to watch! Check out the dares for guys in this Truth or Dare Video...

(If this link does not show up in your email, please watch it directly on YouTube:

Youtube Dares for Guys

And if you like the dare ideas, feel free to leave a comment and or a thumbs up under the video :)

Actually, this video is not the only one, you can find many videos more videos like this in our section about

Truth or Dare Videos!

If you happen to find the best and most funny Video out there, be sure to let us know by sharing it there. Let us build a great collection of the best videos all around party games and of course, the best game of all: Truth or Dare!

How to Get Girls - to play Truth or Dare

In case you wondered how to invite some hot chicks to your party - all for the naughty dares you were thinking of - here you will find some tips!

But be careful: the ladies are not stupid and in the end you might be the one guy having to do the stupidest dares ever...! You have been warned.

It might be useful to combine the dare night with some drinking games. But not all girls like plain beer... Crank it up a bit! Check out these drinking games for girls...

One serious word of warning though, guys. If you have girlfriends or the girl you plan to kiss (or more...) is not single, things can get really ugly! Be sure to ask yourself this question:

Is it cheating when you kiss someone in Truth or Dare?

Now go out there and have a blast!

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Drinking Game Rules A Teenage Group of College friends drinking
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Featured submission

one girl whispering to another

  1. This issue, some great videos of girls doing dares (and fooling around) for you… Ketchup Dare Girls

  2. Feel free to share your favorite YouTube Videos with us: Here is how you do this

  3. Boo-hoo, but doing dares is just so embarrassing/not cool/I-am-a-guy-and-I-don’t-do-stuff-like-that...

    Here is my answer to that:

    Don’t be a party pooper and DO THE DARE ALREADY!

Turn your everyday party into an unforgettable, epic "Awesome Evening"!


Francis from Dare-Up-Your-Party

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