Wedgies for a week

Okay so I double dog dare you to go up to the scariest bully in school and ask him to give you an atomic wedgie, easy right?

That's because I wasn't finished...

You must do so everyday for a week and for those who are brave don't unpick or change your underwear during that week.

For those less brave you can give yourself a permanent wedgie that should last two weeks. Same unpicking rule apply.

If you chicken out you must complete every punishment on this list:


Have someone spank yourself HARD 50 times on each butt cheek with a wooden spoon/hockey stick/ hard part of belt

Spank yourself 2 times on each cheek every time you walk through a door if anyone notices you must go up to them and ask them to take off one layer of your clothing

(ex. If you walk through a door and Samantha notices you, ask her to choose a clothing item and remove it from you so if Samantha said pants you would be walking around in your underwear all day...)

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Jun 21, 2016
This is hard!
by: Pathetic little girl

This is hard! I mean, my school doesnt really have a bully, and I'm in elementary school. No one really cares about wedgies............ And askng a person to spank me is just awkward....... And I'm going on vacation, so what should I do?

Ooooooooo I've got a tip! Wear many layers! JK

Help me!

Sep 10, 2015
Itchy Wedgie
by: Nikki

I was dared to put itching powder in my panties, and I wear panties that are like for little girls so when that happened I had to let the strongest person give me a wedgie.

Aug 01, 2013
Candidate for ultimate combo wedgie dare yet!
by: Francis

You did not hold back on this double dare!

It would be a good candidate for our list of the most extreme dares (although this one is not very sexy)

What is surely is is destroyingly painful. Wouldn't want to do this dare, you need a bigger daredevil than me for that.

What if someone who sees you freaks out? If you can't ask for them to pick a piece of clothing to remove?

What if you get caught, wedgied, without pants (or worse) in public? Any escape plan for that?

Except running as fast as you can ;)

I had to remove the last punishment though. As a man, I can't encourage people kicking guys where they should never be kicked. :P

Be cautious when you do this dare. (Whatever, go for it, YOLO!!)

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